But that’s already happened, because Big Med is an industry that puts profits before people…and not just a little bit either…but like waaaaay before.

And Fauci is a major player, MAJOR, in that industry. People know it.

This soap box plea is going to fall on a lot of deaf ears. People have very real concerns about health care and how that entire industry operates…and all of our concerns are largely ignored.

Most Americans do not have affordable healthcare.

Most Americans do not have Affordable Healthcare.

Most Americans do not have affordable healthcare.

I said this three times because this is a fact, but no one in our government or the Big Med industry gives a goddamn…and that’s idiotic because most people can’t even afford what they are selling…but…that’s the point isn’t it? Big Med isn’t trying to sell to us…it’s trying to use us.

We’ve asked our government to work out the affordable healthcare issue for us FOR YEARS.

All we have gotten in return is lies…bullshit, propaganda and spin.

Holistic healthcare tends to be incredibly affordable compared to what Big Med is charging. Why don’t insurance companies cover holistic practitioners and the alternative treatment they offer?

Cause only big pharmas drugs and vaccines work, and they cost hundreds and thousands of dollars, that insurance companies pay (for the select few who have health insurance.) As for the rest of us? Isn’t it better that we die, rather than let it be known there are other effective and affordable avenues for healthcare and disease treatment than Big Med?

Do you have any idea how hard Big Med works to suppress knowledge about alternative treatments to severe diseases like Cancer?

I do. Truth? Integrity? Please.

As a cancer survivor, I’ve done my research…and I want to say I DID NOT COMPLETE THE BIG MED RECOMMENDED TREATMENT, because I believed in my heart and in my soul it was killing me. I stepped off that lab rat tread mill and waded in the alternative waters.

Seven years out and I’m fine.

This is MY TRUTH. I will not be silenced about it.

Because of my own very personal experiences, I do not trust BIG MED. They simply want us to be their lab rats. Dr. Fauci, Big Med player that he is, is no different.

People are figuring out that (like with so much else) WE ARE THE PRODUCT. Big Med has no intent on treating or healing any of us, Big Med sees us as property to be used in service to an agenda; and the agenda is to use our biology for profit…maybe even to build artificial easily controlled West World style humans…who knows. We know the effort and concern is NOT FOR US. It never is.

People are understandably quite angry about it. While you criticize Trump’s base for their ignorance, I know this much is true…Dr. Fauci doesn’t give a damn about any of them, and they know it. They are protesting the only way they know how; and it’s certainly not eloquent, but necessary.

Someone needs to draw attention to the flaws of this profit driven industry, which by its very nature, has to be without integrity. Trumpsters, may not be able to articulate these issues but they KNOW in their HEARTS something is not right…and they are resisting. I say, good for them!

The Anti-vaccers speak to Big Med’s flaws eloquently, and truthfully; and yet just yesterday I read a New York Times article that sought to illogically demonize them, describing them as crazy kooks.

They are being silenced and accused of spreading misinformation, although the information on the unreliability and tenuous effectiveness, and the real harm that occurs via vaccines HAS BEEN KNOWN FOR YEARS!!!!!

I remember reading up on this when my children were young. I remember asking questions about the necessity of the vaccines and the docs trying to shove them down my kids throats in the early 90s.

Here is the thing…there is a risk to vaccines, it is well documented and well known. Some kids get those vaccines and wake up not quite the same, paralyzed, autistic, damaged in some way. Some NEVER WAKE UP AT ALL.

But when Big Med, pays the NYT, to run a huge spread completely ignoring the facts and reality of the HISTORY of vaccines…Making the case for a quick and untested COVID 19 vaccine…WTF???????? Where is the “truth” and “integrity” of that science?

SCIENCE BELIEVES IN TESTS!!!! Lots and lots of tests!! Not rushing products through on a panicked whim! But you know who gets untested vaccines? Lab rats. Basically the NYT, paid off by Big Med overlords, is trying to introduce the idea of being a human lab rat to American sheeple.

Truth! Really? Integrity! Really????

And, if you are not on board with this lame-brained plan…If you should happen to refer to it as a “Plandemic” well you’re just crazy.


When you call women who are concerned about the lives of their children “crazy” well it pisses off a lot of people off…like every mother on the planet.

Please understand this: being concerned about something killing your kid doesn’t make you crazy.


I’ve mentioned the “plandemic” but I haven’t mentioned the conspiracy theories involving Fauci directly (and they are numerous.) Some say he promised Bill Gates a pandemic (hence the term plandemic) so that Bill Gates could easily pursue a Big Med profit driven model around the pandemic, and become the Jeff Bezo of modern “medicine.”

Others claim Fauci has been at disease creation, and experimenting on those afflicted for decades, beginning with AIDS; and all for the pursuit of profit…and no other justifiable reason.

What if there is any truth to these rumors that Fauci needlessly allowed thousands of AIDS patients to die and suffer (lab rats) in order to pursue bigger profits for Big Med?

Personally, I don’t know if there’s any truth to that rumor…but based on what I KNOW about Big Med, peoples suffering to advance their profit tends to be the business model.

Can we talk about the film Puncture? Can we talk about how Big Med absolutely refused to let retractable needles become a thing because, despite the fact that it would save the lives of healthcare workers, retractable needles would really interfere with the Big Med business model of selling used needles to third world countries.

Hundreds of thousands of deaths occur as a result of contaminated needles…but those are third world lab rats, so who cares? You know who doesn’t care? Big Med. That couldn’t have been more clear because to this day, most hospitals don’t buy retractable needles, despite the fact that they exist and despite the fact that healthcare workers want them. Why is that? Oh please give me more spin. No I’m joking, I don’t want it.

Truth? Integrity? Just stop the lies and the spin. Slavery is not Freedom…you ain’t Orwell.

Because people aren’t complete idiots, they do not trust this industry. It’s hard to trust this industry when you yourself or a loved one (who happened to have “good” health insurance) suffered greatly at the metaphorical hands of this industry.

Do you know how I refer to my cancer treatment? “Modern Day Midevil Torture.”


And here is how I feel about Big Med’s cancer treatment:

I would rather DIE alone and in excruciating pain…than be Big Med’s heavily radiated super poisoned lab rat, ever again!!!!


Truth? Integrity? In American science? Please. I don’t trust Dr. Fauci as far as I can throw him.

Working with the Light!

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