But the past was really different, fewer people, less connections and thus the instability was often isolated. The instability of these systems didn’t (as far as we know) threaten the globe itself.

Because what capitalism/globalism has done, threatening the oceans, entire nations, and creating the dreaded “weapons of mass destruction” as well as many systems of “mass destruction”, it is premature to say, hey this is great, compared to the dark ages. This is not a fair comparison.

Maybe the slavery was just as bad, but it was on a much smaller scale. There are more people in slavery today, than bought and sold in the entire transatlantic slave trade. Which lasted for four centuries.

And yes I am well aware that slavery was pretty brutal, some maybe just as brutal as what we have today, but as time and technology amp up, there is a real danger that in the future everyone will be reduced to slavery. Everyone except for a very elite few. Especially since there are so many people — and all of the world’s resources in the hands of a few, who squander the bulk of them on destructive whims.

The US has been involved in so many wars. To what end exactly? Most Americans have no clue, why these wars are even fought. It almost always goes back to money.

Did you know that more people were violently killed in the 20th century, than ever, throughout human history? Something like 200 million people.

Now these numbers are still small, compared to total world population, but what if we are just getting started? What if during this century we looking at 2 billion? Or 4? Because these times are so new, and the economic systems themselves are so new, the past comparisons are pointless. These economic systems are doing things that have never been done before, but if they continue to do, what they have done, predicting rapid and massive destabilization of the entire world economy isn’t a leap.

It happened with WWI and WWII, and if there’s a WWIII, that will be far more destructive than either. And, there won’t be an America to save the day.

The problem is that the systems are becoming more and more destructive, less stable, less accountable, and deeply corrupt. People are also more aware of all of this, more so than in any other time in human history.

I honestly don’t think this will happen. I don’t. But if this is to be prevented, it is up to we the people to demand that the corruption of our systems cease. We cannot just blindly accept capitalism or globalism as a system that works, especially where we see obvious and clear corruption- like with the American prison industrial complex. It is literally replacing the public school system in many areas. It is more expensive and it creates violent sociopathic criminals and certainly does not, correct anything.

So if you’re a taxpayer, what do you want your money spent on? A system that creates vicious criminals? Or a system that creates productive citizens?

If you are a shareholder in a private prison industrial complex, you want the latter, because YOU get a bigger paycheck, while the rest of the society pays three times as much for horrible problems the prison industrial complex has created.

This is exactly the kind of corruption we are dealing with. Slowly, it has been amping up, over the years, if it reaches a critical mass, if 200 million Americans are in prison instead of 20 we are right back to the dark ages, or the crusades or the bubonic plague — or whatever horrorific history you want to revisit-except on a much larger scale, with way more devastation.

This is a dangerous time because corruption is rampant in all of our systems. Profit seekers keep corrupting things, and the profiting from that corruption! Pour poison in the drinking water! Oh now that’s a new way to make money! Sell clean water. That’s happening right now. Water used to be free. How long do you think that will last given both industrial and ecological conditions.

When clean water goes, all sorts of health issues follow. And as for these stats with everyone doing so well, really? American mortality, is going down right now, as is the standard of living, as are wages, as is just about everything else.

This is not pat ourselves on the back time. It’s just not.

We are at a tipping point, corruption can be kept in check, or spread like wildfire.

Working with the Light!

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