But they didn’t. There is a difference between threatening to do something and doing it — ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU KNOW- data person- you don’t really have the numbers behind you. THE POPULAR VOTE- BY THREE MILLION PEOPLE was for Hillary Clinton. Pubs know that and yet they constantly say fuck you, to the rest of the country. Who ever sits on that court is supposed to be someone that almost EVERYONE ON THE COUNTRY CAN AGREE ON. There are reasons for that! If the law is suppossed to mean ANYTHING AT ALL… it’s that it is for the good and well-being of ALL OF THE PEOPLE IN THE REPUBLIC.

If people don’t believe that, they will not trust the federal judges, they won’t trust the Congress, whcih makes the laws, and they won’t (many alrady don’t) trust enforcers of the law.

And then the law stops having any moral meaning. It’s okay to steal, because the Pubs/ and or Dems stole from me first, it’s okay for me to rape, because honestly, someone on the Supreme Court was accussed of it…and those accusations weren’t taken seriously (wink, wink, go rape). The optics of this whole thing DO MATTER.

And instead of treating this like Fantasy Football, people need to get out of those partisan brains and realize that real damage is being done to real important institutions which were not meant to be partisan AT ALL.

Whatever anyone wants to say about Obama, they can’t say that he poured gasoline on these divisive fires in the way that Trump has, and he certainly showed far, far, far more respect, civility and decency for the Pubs, than Trump has EVER shown to any of those Dems.

Choosing a Supreme Court Justice OR ANYONE in the Judiciary- is not suppossed to be a part of Trump’s, or any politicians’s long or short term game. They guy who wrote the article you are responding to, is GUILTY of treating this as if it were a GAME. THIS IS NOT A GAME.

This is a huge indicator of a set up for tyranny/disctatorship.

You don’t just pack the Judiciary with Trump yesmen- And that was a MAJOR issue that many Dems had with this guy, aside from the sexual assault allegations. The Pubs should have taken issue too! If they were DOING THEIR JOBS. (Which that hearing showed that had no interest in doing.)

The Judiciary is suppossed to be a group of completely reasonable people, who enforce laws that benefit people! That’s not happening with this court- which has already rendered close to 100 decisions in favor of corporations. And corporations already know that here in America they are well above the law, they are just trying to cement the deal through the Pubs, and I don’t think the Dems really want to get too much in their way. Those coporations line all the pockets, Dem pockets, Pub pockets, all of them…and gee isn’t the first issue on the docket with the new Supreme Court something to do corporations? I think so. I think I read that.

That’s the real long game- creating the corporatecracy, while slyly destroying the republic.

People who are treating this like a game on both sides of the aisle so destroying this country. DESTROYING THIS COUNTRY AND QUICKLY. IT IS ALARMING.

We are barreling toward the path of that sort of chaos, anarchy and destruction in a word…WAR. And the corporations don’t care…clearly, they need less bodies on the planet, so less complaining about pollution and destabalizing things that corporations generally do to the environment which makes life hostile for humans.

And so many people, millions upon millions of Americans are quite angry, not just about the sexual assault- but all of that- the destruction of the republic (has really got me), the destruction of the environment (at first I was like, no big deal, but now even I’m like, het I think this environmental stuff is getting out of hand), sexual assault not being taken seriously (I deal with this issue all the time in my practice)..and it is getting to be JUST OVERWHELMING.

I have never seen a party as uncaring and downright hostile to the legitimate concerns of millions of people, as the Republican party is right now, under Trump. They’ve always done the stuff that they do- but at this point they are really being so hateful and divisive about it- and NO, I don’t see the Dems doing that at ALL. In fact many people WANT to see the DEMS adopt that same posture, as the Pubs, and fight back like that.

I don’t know, if that’s the answer. But I tell you what these are very, very disturbing times, when one of these political parties jumps as deeply out of pocket as the Pubs are…all to back a wanna be dictator who blatantly worships at the feet one of the MOST OPPRESSIVE DICTATORS IN THE WORLD, who runs a country were everything is pretty much awful for almost all the people, all the time. That would be Russia. And that is clearly what Trump wants for America…a country where everything is pretty much awful for all of the people all of the time, and the Pubs are fast-tracking us all there so there are millions upon millions- not Dems necessarily, but willing to vote that way, to stop that.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!