But why shouldn’t the process be transparent? With all the technology we have to record everything at all times so easily, why shouldn’t all of our political processes be posted online for review.

Why is our government seeking to hide so much of it’s activity from public view? Why are we using such an antiquated system of voting, when clearly casting votes online, would not only be much easier to do, but also check. This counting of paper ballots in 2016 is ridiculous.

If a person, or entity has nothing to hide, if its behavior is completely within legally acceptable guidelines, what is the problem? Only people/entities that have something to hide, would want to have these sorts of processes hidden from view. It’s counting votes - as long as no voters identity is revealed, what could possibly be the harm in surveilling this process to ensure that it is occurring legally and fairly? A felony? Really? Laws very from state to state, but that seems pretty extreme for someone fulfilling their civic duty and attempting to document it; and I would argue that the mention of this, is an attempt to harass, intimidate and prevent people from engaging in the process, which I think is utterly despicable.

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