But you do realize that fossil fuel is not an unlimited resource, right? You do understand that is is running out and that is is going to happen, regardless of whether the pipeline gets built or not.

This is happening. It is happening. There is only so much fossil fuel in the ground. Fossil fuels that took 300 million years to create, have nearly been exhausted in a century.

Think about that. Does that even seem remotely right to you?

We need another energy source and we need it NOW. We don’t have to worry about good jobs and commuting costs if we don’t have any drinkable water. Without clean water to drink, we will die.

And I’m not trying to be extreme, I’m really trying to understand what are the benefits of destroying the planet to get the little last bits of fossil fuel out of it. Fossil fuel is running out, not figuring out something else is a death wish for civilization all across the globe as we know it. Is that the plan? Enlighten me please.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!