But you see, that’s exactly what’s happening right now. By having a presidential candidate-on tape no less- behave in this manner, there is an extraordinary cultural backlash against this sort of thing, that is happening right now, in a way that it’s never happened before.

And although so many of the points you’ve raised are valid ones, there are so many issues that should be debated and discussed; but yet Trump and most Americans were largely uninterested. So, to that end, you shouldn’t, on behalf of Trump, cry foul when the exact reality TV antics that Trump built his entire platform upon, backfires against him.

This obsession with Trump’s sexually predatory behavior, is not, one would think, nearly as important as the instability of our international economy or relationships-but then again, it just might be.

Women all over the world are sick and tired of political systems that tolerate and even sanction violence against them; and Trump, who has been playing on an international stage with these frat boy antics, has touched off a camel-straw-back response with women worldwide. It was the WRONG time to try to pull this frat boy crap. Those following the issues know, the frustration with the “boys will be boys, it’s just locker room banter” ideology has been mounting for quite some time now.

And yet neither sides hands are clean on this one…and yet the Obamas are about as clean as politicians can get, on this particular issue. They did not go low, they went clever — as they so often do.

Michelle Obamas response to the Donald Trump tape was surely authentic, because say what you want about Bill Clinton, or for that matter any Democratic OR Republican politician that has engaged in these antics (and of course many have, we’d be stupid to think otherwise) none besides Trump were stupid enough to be caught on tape. And in reality TV fashion that is where the sensational disgust factor shoots through the roof.

It is one thing to hear allegations about your presidential candidate sexually assaulting a woman, it’s entirely another thing to hear your presidential candidate speaking about women in the way that Trump did, and then interacting with the woman in such an inappropriate manner.

Trump has been defeated by a play out of his own book. Trump never appeals to higher intellect but raw and primal emotions. That’s exactly what the DNC did with that Trump tape.

That tape sounds off many alarms that tap into most women’s raw and primal emotions of not wanting to be sexually assaulted — and ironically the more dismissive Trump and his male supporters are of these concerns, the more alarmed women become.

So enter Michelle Obama. She cleverly tapped into those raw, primal fears most women have about this. Come back hard at her, and dismiss her, and the message you send is that you don’t care about women. This is ravaging, not only Trump, but the entire Republican Party, that does not have a good record of caring much about the concerns of women.

The best next move is to have women Trump supporters to speak for Trump. I just watched a clip of Omarosa talking about women boarding, I kid you not, the “Trump Train.” I can not make this stuff up. I have to wonder if she’s not purposely trying to sabotage Trump with that one. The Trump train? There are just oh so many ways for that message to be misinterpreted. Really.

So no one is hypocritically coming down on Trump, anymore than people hypocritically came down on the Stanford rapist. What you are seeing and hearing now, from women, is enough is enough is enough. Yes, maybe we did let it slide in the past, but not today. Michelle Obama, really, truly and authentically tapped into the feelings of women disgusted with this sort of behavior; and women who are attempting to defend this sort of behavior are finding themselves in the minority; and are having extraordinary difficulty finding the words to justify Trump’s behavior.

Men who are justifying the behavior are truly earning the descriptor “deplorable.” No two ways about it, Trump and supporters are in quite the bind.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!