Can’t argue with any of this. But as you can see the shift is freaking some of us out, and others are suffering deeply as a result. Some whites freaked out about immigration policy and shifting demographics and now we’ve got ICE terrorizing Latinos, and literally ripping families apart. The whole pardon thing is also disastrous for so many different reasons. A leader who seeks to nullify the rule of law, is absolutely lethal. And, for whatever reason, Trump is absolutely determined to do this.

There are real destructive consequences to people holding these entrenched positions. The image of a modern day Klan marching, 1000 people deep, just 9o miles away from where I live, disturbed me so deeply, I felt that I had to take some kind of action to deescalate the insanity. These dialogues are my contribution. I know that my contribution is limited.

You’re right, neither you or I will be able to reach those deeply entrenched in all sorts of crazy, way on the other side, but someone closer to them can. It’s my hope and my intent that in normalizing reasonable and sane responses to all this craziness, there will be a ripple effect; and reason and sanity will prevail. What other option is there, to just give up? No. We just gotta get smarter, about how we approach these conversations. The fact that I have someone already trying to get Medium to shut me down, let’s me know I’m on to something.

Working with the Light!

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