Certainly, but not in the way Trump is. The author of this article is correct, if you just talk to a psychiatrist about narcissism, it’s clear that this is what Trump suffers from, and they can easily predict what Trump will do based on what they know about narcissism. He’s supposed to be striking deals with the politicians who oppose him but absolutely cannot do it, because of his narcissism. It is not going to happen. Anyone who understands narcissism knows that deal could never happen, for the exact reasons the shrink explained. A narcissist can’t see any other view except their own. This will never lead to compromise.

When he had full control over the government, he was free to act as he wished; and his narcissistic impulses went totally unchecked. Now that this is no longer the case, he is running into severe psychological problems. His inability to govern however he wishes is causing extreme psychological distress to him, seriously. All the shrinks can easily see this, because they know how narcissism works. If you’ve ever personally dealt with a narcissist, then you too, know how it works. Trump is in trouble because of his narcissism. Ignoring it doesn’t help him. It’s sad because he will be used, in ways that will probably be very psychologically destructive for him and ultimately do nothing for his base. But the upside for the rest of us is he is exposing a lot. Trump has revealed how extraordinarily corrupt our political system is; and as more and more of this corruption comes to light…geez. It’s impossible for us not to reform it.

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