Children are being bullied in school yards everywhere. Young women are being assaulted at alarming rates. Parents and educators are taking that seriously. People are dealing with real problems caused by an election cycle that was disgraceful, disgusting and completely dysfunctional.

Everyone needs to take responsibility to make the world a safer place for all those who have been terrorized by it. Anyone who takes issue with anyone who does this, is fighting a losing battle.

Most people are decent, kind, fair and compassionate. Most people can’t stand to see children unfairly bullied for characteristics they have no control over. I trust most of my fellow Americans to do the right thing and stand up against hatred, bullying and sexual assault. For all those who insist that we ignore these qualities in leadership, any kind of leadership, that is not going to happen. We have come to far as a human race to go back to that kind of ignorance and darkness.

Working with the Light!

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