Clearly a financial failure. That’s what he’s talking about; and he is not the only one. All the points he has raised, as well as all the other points people on this thread have raised speak to severe financial decline. The inaccessibility of the American dream. A lot of the “freedoms” are actually quite illusory; and they certainly don’t extend to the entire population.

Many of our systems: the healthcare system, the education systems, are designed for profit, not people and they have most certainly failed the American people. American youth cannot compete globally with that nearly useless public education they have been provided with, and taxpayers pay dearly for that useless education. We don’t get what we pay for, and cancer treatment-don’t even get me started on what a midevil torture session that is! And there is plenty of evidence that there have been many suppressed cures. Alternative cures that would, if allowed to flourish, destroy the “cut-burn-kill” trillion dollar industry that does kill the cancer, while also almost killing the patient. It’s horrific, says the woman with firsthand experience.

All of this speaks to failure.

Working with the Light!

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