Clearly it is, because America has declared war on African-Americans, since they were initially brought over in chains and that war has been relentless and unceasing since before 1776 And I know this very well as this is my history-not yours. You have absolutely no idea, no understanding of the history that created all of the statistics that you babble on about, as if you had any real understanding of the situation. I lived it, and live it still, so again I am well aware.

I will not discuss it with you. I’ve already stated. It is clear to me that you are astoundingly ignorant as to the reality of what has occurred in America; and it is not my job to educate you either. I will not waste my time; although even if I did, it wouldn’t matter anyway.

Despite what you claim, this last post especially, speaks volumes. You are quite the racist, as you so delight, (purely relish) all of the grave devastation that had been heaped upon African-Americans as a result of institutionalized racism.

Do you collect photos of the brutal lynchings that occurred in the South? Of black men who dared to learn to read? Were you, are you one of those kinds of subhumans that smile at the sight of a hung human being burned to a crisp? Do you think that is a fun sort of event to attend? Does the smell of human flesh get you off?

I’m well aware of how the very brutal institution of slavery affects African-American life, family and culture today. How the rise of the KKK had everything to do with the freedom of the slaves, reconstruction and contemporary prison industrial complex and the horrendous toll that has taken on the African-American community. No one who has seriously studied American history even attempts to deny this- but you a Russian, living in Ireland some how knows better than all of our own American scholars. GTFOH. Step off. Stand down. You know not of which you speak.

This is my history, of which you know nothing, despite all the stats you spout, spoonfed to you by Jessie Helms and his ilk. No one is fooled.

Amazing, how you can so deeply and profoundly identify with the KKK without even knowing exactly what it even is. I guess its like me and Marx, which you claim I channel.

Well you sound just like a grand wizard. Got a white sheet? Aw, you don’t need it. You got their rhetoric. And that is what’s important, right? Getting people to believe that black Americans are so Inferior to every white person on the planet. The Germans, the Russians, the Americans..if it ain’t got blue eyes and blond hair it doesn’t deserve to live…c’mon, admit it. You know that’s how you really feel. It is what the anti-Marxist always preached, right?

You never fooled me. Not for one moment. You despise people of color and your mindless idiotic rants reveal you for exactly what you are. I always knew it. And I am done talking to hateful, racist you.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!