Competent governance is about more than throwing money at every problem. It really is. But the money is never a problem when 1000 trillion dollars needs to be spent on a war, or now 30 million at Mar-a-Largo during the first quarter of 2017. Not a problem at all!

So no, I do not but that conservative BS about no money for any social programs that benefit the 300 million people who live here and work and pay taxes. Those numbers have always dwarfed in comparison to the defense numbers. Always. And so for me, the issue has always been very clear, do you want to invest in life or death? I choose life. A lot of Dems claim they do, but I don’t believe those f@ckers really do either. Sick of the good cop/bad cop con.

As for Donald Trump…sigh. You know people are so nuts about him, I had to actually start paying close attention to what he says and what he does, outside of the tweets. I will say this, I was able to see what other people see. I could see how his legion of followers see someone who they believe is different, someone who is s going to shake Washington up! (He is certainly doing that!) someone who is going to “drain the swamp.” Has a swamp ever been drained? It would be an extraordinarily difficult thing to do, given that a swamp is a force of nature.

So is D.C.. I live here, I have worked all along those D.C. Corridors and most Americans have no clue (you wouldn’t, couldn’t believe it, unless you personally experienced it) what a beast the entire system is. And even if Trump was sincere in his desire to “drain that swamp” and even if he understood D.C. And knew how to get to the belly of the beast and stab it, he would still likely be devoured.

The defense industry itself is a multi trillion dollar industry. That is power. Anyone who comes along, trying to upset it or destabilize it in anyway will be attacked. No matter what anybody’s intentions are on the campaign trail, once they get that office, it’s time for them to play the game, and that does not ever involve “draining the swamp.” But it can involve playing to dictators, especially ones in Saudi Arabia, because dictators with lots of money and a desire to do business with the west, hey! The American defense industry is always down for that! (Life or death? Yeah always death, cause there is so much profit in that!) and besides, it’s a deal! And what is Trump, if not an awesome deal maker! Draining the swamp indeed.

But if you have no idea how the D.C. Machine works, I can see it from the perspective of a Trump supporter, far outside of that system.

Trump is trying but he’s not been given a fair shot because of the media, we have to be critical of the corporate media trying to destroy Trump, etc. etc. I have to admit if you want to see things that way, there is plenty of evidence to support that. Some of the media eviscerates Trump. Some, however, blindly and emotionally supports him. In all of this lobbying and jockeying for the hearts and minds of people, the truth has been entirely lost. I always look for the evidence.

I can’t agree with anyone critical of Trump’s people. Trump selected his people, most have never worked D.C., that was his mistake, which apparently he is considering correcting. I hope he does, and I hope he does stay in office. Not because I am a fan, but because I find Pence even more repulsive. To me, Trump will always be a conartist (there are reams of evidence to support that this is exactly what he is, the multiple bankruptcies, the tax evasions, the Trump University, the multiple marriages (running in a party that espouses “family values”.) And yet supporters like you can overlook all of that, just ignore it, just disregard it, and believe that he can be an effective conservative politician.

I can’t do that with any of these people. Neither Dems nor Pubs, they are all as Chuck D once said, “as corrupt as a Senator.” And that’s pretty damn corrupt. We are hitting the end of the line with all of the various ways we try to hide or take the stank off of corruption. It is pretty out in the open for all to see, in both parties. But for psychological protection I guess, people still want to believe. Dems wanted to believe in Obama, desperately. Pubs want to believe in Trump desperately.

But no matter who plays, it’s still the same game, allowing a whole host of corrupt machinations to occur while keeping people distracted. Now we are being distracted by the corruption itself! So I say, if you are going to call out the corruption, if that is your nonpartisan political work, call out all of it!

But instead Caitlin Johnstone appeals to a conservative like yourself, even though she identifies as radical nonpartisan, because she has very little criticism of any of the Pubs. Hmmmmmmmm, that’s really nonpartisan. NOT.

There are entire servers that could fill the entire capital building with all the corruption that Dems and Pubs have engaged in. She can only focus on Hillary though…and the DNC.

I am so sick of the freaking hypocrisy, here is the real deal, both Clinton and Trump have been in association with the same pedaphile billionaire, and they have run in the exact same corrupt circles for years, anyone who sees either of them as anything other than flip sides of the same damn coin is just ignoring large chunks of information to support what they want to believe about this political game.

And I get it. Yes, you want to believe what you want to believe and if there was (and I am not saying there is) but if there was suddenly all this evidence that Jesus or Muhammad or Buddha, were crooks and liars, all the Christians and Muslims and Buddhists, would completely ignore all of that evidence, because they desperately need to believe in something.

As for the racism, I will never waste my breath to discuss it with most people who have never experienced it, or identity with any of the conservative indoctrination, because embedded in that indoctrination are layers, upon layers, upon layers of self-protecting cognitive dissonance and ignorance, that allows them to completely ignore the reality of racism. I will not be waste my time trying to disarm your several defense mechanisms that are in place inside your mind. Conservatives find acknowledging racism extraordinarily threatening, even in the face of blatant racism, even when a black man is nonviolently sitting on the passengers side of a car and a police walks up and shoots him, conservatives want to come up with 10, oo1 reasons why that was absolutely fine.

This makes me, as well as millions of other African-Americans very, very, very 😡 angry.

I do not and I will not have a conversation with you about why it’s perfectly fine that Jeff Sessions wants to kill all the black people. I am not going to have that conversation with you. It will only frustrate me and make me angry.

But you seem to want to have this conversation, about how Trump is not racist and now, even Sessions is not racist. Well…I just can’t.

To me the racism of both is so obvious, I find it just deeply insulting to my intelligence when conservatives seek to entertain this conversation with me. When in the 90s, Aaron Pound, my law school buddy, wanted to have a conversation with me about how and why Rodney King deserved the brutal and inhuman beating from the LA PD — well that friendship ended right there. I knew right then, that I would have nothing else to say to this man who could so casually dismiss a black person’s humanity.

But that was many years ago…since then I have learned that this is simply how most conservatives think. Might makes right — and nothing much else matters.

Maybe Mike Meyer can engage you on that, or John Hopkins.

Being white and male, neither have my biases. But they do have a clue that yes, America is racist. And John doesn’t even live her so he has no dog in this fight.

Working with the Light!

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