Conservative Whites have “safe spaces” it’s called a gated community full of million dollar homes where they lose their ever-living minds should they see a person of color inside the gates…but that’s cool right? That’s a “safe space” that dare not be challenged ever, lest a black boy, like Trayvon Martin who had every right to be in that “safe space” end up dead on the streets.

Please. If we can devote tremendous amount of resources to killing black and brown people who cross the lines of white peoples “safe spaces” I will be damned if we can’t let LGBTQ people have a room or two on a college campus!

And this is the disconnect. This is why this country is soooooooooo divided and people are sooooooooooooo 😡

Because people are dying in the streets, so the conservative white person can feel safe — and if anyone else complains about safety. It’s all “ No please die, because black lives do not matter, nor do gay ones and even little surburban white girls can be raped behind a dumpster, no problem. Muslims can be locked out of the country on a psycho’s whim and no one gets to feel safe in this country except affluent frightened white people.

Democrats have not turned everyone against white men, primarily it’s (some) white men who do this all own their own by relying on astounding hypocrisy to justify racism, sexism, homophobia as well as a fair other number of the things that utterly devalue people’s lives simply because they are not white and male.

If you are constantly advocating for lethal policy that lead to people’s deaths, or severe damage, then uh yeah, people are kinda going to hate you deeply. No political party has to convince them, it’s a very natural feeling to have…these people keep trying to kill me and they keep trying to justify why that’s okay…the conservative programming and propaganda is extraordinarily damaging to anyone not white and male and rich too, but never mind that, if you are white and male you are so deeply indoctrinated with the idea that makes you special and will save you, the rich can run that con on you every time.

I am so sick of the hypocrisy. I am so sick of all this what is good for the goose is only good for the goose and everyone else can eat shit.

Everyone needs and deserves to have their damn safe spaces. You don’t want LGBTQs to have their safe spaces, then give yours the hell up! Come up out of whatever gated community you live in and/ or let all the gays and blacks and Muslims in and be nice to them!


Working with the Light!

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