Conspiracy Theories and Revolution

The Information Age is Destabilizing the Planet, and Conspiracy Theories Are Accelerating the Breakdown

Are You Ready for a Revolution?

Are you ready for a revolution? It really doesn’t matter, you’re already in one. We’ve been through revolutions many, many times. There are different causes, always, and information is always at issue, but this time it is the cause…and it’s leading to a proliferation of conspiracy theories.

The Information Revolution and Conspiracy Theories

When you think of revolutions, you think of people with pitchforks, angry, hungry, in the streets, demanding a head. Yes, this has happened (and is happening); but there are also other kinds of revolutions.

Consider the industrial revolution, a revolution of machines. Two hundred years ago, it changed the entire world, making it smaller and more connected. How small is the world now? You can reach across continents in seconds, virtually. Do you really think actually is all that far behind? It can’t be.

This current revolution is occurring because of the speed and the availability of information. Big technology, (and all the information it collects, mines and manipulates) is changing everything about the way we live, love, work and play. It is also changing our conspiracy theories, and this in turn is changing our reality.

We are on the cusp of a Brave New World. Will it be the one Huxley prophesized in his dystopia? We can only guess. The creative and clever amongst us have our theories. Because none of us have any idea as to what happens next, there are countless conspiracy theories circulation, from the highly probable to the utterly ridiculous.

Our Conspiracy theories are our way of trying to answer the forbidden questions. We are discouraged from asking these questions because people in power either don’t have any answers or aren’t going to share them with us.

I love to entertain these conspiracy theories, which is not to say I believe them, but I don’t outright dismiss them either. With so much information, and so much misinformation, it would behoove us all to be discerning. And besides, I’d like to have a basic idea of what might be coming next. Wouldn’t you?

Red Pills and Rabbit Holes

Because we know we aren’t getting critical questions answered, so many of us are taking red pills and traveling deep down rabbit holes. I’ve written a few articles on conspiracy theories, mainly on how I have been bizarrely attacked for not dismissing them. The Algorithm gods to note of my interest and sent some manna from the heavens: How America Became The Land Of Conspiracy Theories, a comprehensive mapping of paranoia, propaganda, moral panics, misinformation, and extremism by Nathan Allebach.

Allebach chronicles everything from the coronavirus to QAnon and provides numerous hyperlinks to all kinds of virtual rabbit holes. It is a conspiracy theorists’ enthusiasts gordian knot and Rubik’s cube. Move the first block of squares the Allebach’s construct, and those colored will never line up ever again. Researching and entertaining various theories for hours, days, even months on end, delving into the various controversies around Pizzagate and QAnon and the infamous red pill, is such a cool distraction!

I just want to know why the world is so crazy.

It used to be, these were all just harmless theories, but these days they are much more than that. They are destabilizing entire governments and world views and indeed the nature of reality itself. We all have been Mandela Affected! Is it Cern, destabilizing the current timeline, or do you just have a bad memory? (You and 10 million others, with the same bad memories, go figure. What are the odds?)

Why there is such a rise in the proliferation of conspiracy theories in these times? Why do people cling to some of them so desperately? Why do others completely reject them, without even bothering to entertain a single question? What does this say about the times we are living in? How are we coping with all this instability and uncertainty?

You see or hear something, but you don’t trust it. Because nothing is as it seems. Everything is fake or false, except that which you want to believe. Down the rabbit hole you go. Trust the plan. Well how is that working out for you really?

Trust no one, has always been my advice.

We are largely distrustful of the traditional streams of information. Why wouldn’t we be? Algorithms that inform, based on clicks and likes, instead of any kind of consensual or objective truth, have caused all of the information outlets to become biased and polarized to the point of absurdity. Big Tech has given the world an infinite amount of information, but at what cost? There have been so many unintended consequences, from realigning the globe, to the creation of new gods and new religions.

Jack Dorsey thought he was just creating a fun and quirky app to reach out to his friends, well maybe so, but he caused the Arab Spring. Syria, Tunisia, Egypt, Iran all defeated by the power of a tweet. And…what about President Trump? You want a revolution? You got one. You’re in the middle. How does this end? It’s nearly impossible to predict.

And, we have even touched on what’s happening with the earth. Is it flat or round? Is the climate changing, or not? Is the Schumann resonance, (the earth’s heartbeat) rising or not? Wildfires, hurricanes, glaciers are melting. Sea levels are rising…and all this plastic.

We are living through quite the times. So much once hidden, now in the broad daylights. And conspiracy theorist enthusiasts like me sift through oceans of information (most of it worthless), in search of that single truth offers some kind of peace. Looking for answers outside is pure folly. I know. But how else to make sense of this wild, wild ride!

Amli, your Everyday Lightworker

Author of The Way Through, Lessons Learned on Life Love and the Journey.

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