Cool. I will check him out. Personally though, I think capitalism, communism, socialism are all corrupted at this point — in a global economy, they have all failed, more or less.

What I mean by failed is that greed has corrupted those systems and they don’t function properly. They certainly don’t function in the way the creators of those systems prophesied. Our capitalism is nothing like what was imagined in Smith’s Wealth of Nations, and that ideology is useless in a global system anyway.

What we have in place now, globally is a number of corrupted national systems and multinational corporate systems where those with greater wealth, (or power) keep finding ways to cheat and steal from those with less wealth (or power) until all the wealth is concentrated into the hands of a very small few- and all of the systems are designed to siphon wealth to them, while not do anything all that productive.

Our governmental oversight, supposedly in place to correct this corruption, may have been able to do so at one point, but now, it simply assists it being actually owned by the corrupt industries. Monsanto deeply influences the FDA, as does Big Pharm. The FDA viciously attacks the alternative health industry, which provides solutions that are healthier and cheaper than the ones provided by Big Pharm. Big Pharm, (like any drug dealer) wants to sell product in massive quantities, with no regard for the consequences. Well the consequences are clear. They are not healthy. A doctor complained to me about how cholesterol medicine that they push on anyone over fifty, paralyzed her father. He died soon after. Quiet as it is kept, America is battling through an Opioid crisis, kicked off by a crazy influx of Opioid based painkillers supplied by Big Pharma. I think the state of Ohio is suing Big Pharma over this.

People are waking up, not wanting these toxic products, recognizing the consequences of them.

The cancer industry is a big wealth creator for big pharma and big med. What it does really poorly is treat (and never fucking cures) cancer.

Why is that? All the trillions of dollars spent on cancer and no fucking cure? Really? How can that be? I will tell you how…it’s a trillion dollar industry, and that’s the primary goal, keeping that hustle running, keeping those trillions flowing, and certainly not curing no cancer. That’s not allowed, because then that ends the trillion dollar funding flow. Thus in order to keep the funds coming in, the goal actually becomes to create cancer. Bad nutrition will do that, well we got Big Ag to ensure there’s plenty of defective food to go around.

This is what I mean when I say the systems are corrupted. The “free market” doesn’t operate to create better products at the lowest cost, it clearly operates to produce crappy, defective products at the highest profit — and there ain’t a damn thing free, about them markets. Not a damn thing. Forced markets, more like it.

And that can’t be fixed through any adjustments. Everyone on the planet is suffering through global capitalism, which works in exactly that way. Defending capitalism in its current form, is like defending a crack addiction, which people do. But it’s idiotic.

Johan is defending our American market by basically saying, “yeah, Americans got a crappy healthcare system. But it benefits Sweden cause we are smart enough to use their leftovers wisely and on the cheap.” So yes, it works out well for Sweden. But it works out horrifically for Africa where America’s dirty used needles are sold, to exascerbate the AIDS epidemic. Dirty hypodermic needles are a disgusting, nearly useless product- but it’s certainly a multi-million dollar industry for Big Med.

Most Americans sort of think, well that’s fine. As long as we don’t use dirty needles here, it’s fine. To which I respond, What makes you think we won’t? America, more and more is bringing home all the grimy practices it has engaged in the world over. And America always had these kinds of practices in place at home, take those freaky radioactive watches for example.

Capitalism in its current form produces Crap products for the highest profit…in Haiti they sell dirt fucking cookies. I’m serious — cookies made of fucking dirt- and there is an entire fucked up market that supports the damn dirt cookies. They aren’t cheap, especially when you consider that these cookies ARE MADE OF DIRT. Capitalism is crazy corrupt, when someone is making a profit (And they are) selling dirt fucking cookies to Hatian kids. To bad those kids are too poor to enter the trillion dollar cancer market…I bet that’s a conversation that’s been had somewhere.

Communism is corrupt for different reasons. Sure under communism, they are giving away the damn dirt cookies, but hello? They’re dirt cookies! No one wants dirt cookies.

Of all these systems, socialism truly seems to be the healthiest, but socialism will work best in small homogeneous cultures — where everyone pretty much looks the same, acts the same, shares the same cultural views. But, you always have the potential problem with stagnation in that sort of system. Sounds like Sweden has that problem. Plus the wealthy are still getting a pass, that leads to corruption. The only thing to check the inclination toward corruption is the morality of the wealth holder…which is just not likely to be there in this day and age.

Socialism would be Incredibly hard to pull of in a country like America. Impossible to pull off when the economic system is global, which ours is now.

The global economic system of which we are all participating, seems to me to be to big to not fail. Failure is inevitable, we cannot sustain the current paradigm. The dirty energy is going to run out, and that will cause all of these systems as they are running in all of the countries to fail. These systems were created around unsustainable resources. This wasn’t known at the time that these systems were created, but it is known now. This has created quite a dilemma. To switch away from these resources is to essentially start an economy from scratch, at a horrible disadvantage to all other economies. But not developing alternatives, is to play Venezuelas game (and that’s a disaster.) of course Venezuela will recover eventually but, in the short term the economic suffering is brutal. The stores are empty, the country is literally starving to death, because it is all out of oil. With the movement away from clean energy, Trump is f@cking over America’s long term economic viability in favor of short term personal financial gains. Most CEOs do this.

Capitalism, socialism, communism these wealth distribution systems are ancient, considering our modern world. These systems were designed for smaller, unindustrialized systems. I think they are all in the process of being replaced with something else, what exactly I do not know. But IT is going to play a huge role in whatever is next. Entire industries have been disrupted, and that’s only going to continue. Relatively soon, all of our industries will be something entirely different than what they are right now. Really forward looking people are attempting to consider what comes next, especially for humans.

Honestly, it looks to me as if we are moving towards our own extinction, in more ways than one.:

1. wars — might be heading into the Third World War;

2. Environmental destruction outside of war;

3. Artificial Intelligence (that would be smart enough to recognize that an invasive destructive species, destroying the planet, would also be a threat to them;

4. The dirty energy collapse.

That’s just a few of the problems on the horizon.

Taxation, however, is a con and a hustle. Wealth itself or money, is a con and a hustle. What is real and what is valuable, as you pointed out above, is energy, and that includes human energy, which is probably one of the most wasted resources on the planet. Nothing happens, nothing moves without energy.

Part of our problem is the way we look for this energy…like it only comes from stuff deep inside the earth, and we have to tear the earth up to get at any of that stuff. It’s a purely idiotic concept. It is shitting where you eat; and it has caused all sorts of problems.

The sun is a real obvious source of energy, it makes everything, including people, grow. It seems to be an inexhaustible source, you don’t have to tear everything up to get at it — the future is definitely in clean, renewable, easily replaceable (not tearing up the damn earth to get at it) energy.

But right now we’ve got a tremendous amount of resistance to that idea, because pursuing that totally disrupts the dirty energy hustle and con — which is clearly on it’s last leg, because you can only pull so much crap out of the earth before 1. It’s all gone and 2. You destroy ecosystems and throw off the balance of everything. We are almost there on both 1 and 2.

The entire global economy moves based on the dirty energy hustle…when that bubble burst, and all the dirty energy sources have been exhausted (and that is the American shell game that American capitalist are running all over the globe) I think all economies will be forced into small local ones, that operate differently than these massive and corrupt global ones.

But honestly, I don’t know. I think that we have enough information to make the shift to something else. We are in the process of these huge shifts, right now. Where they end up, there’s just no telling, not at this point anyway.

But…the shifts are happening, and that’s the good news.

Working with the Light!

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