Could this be true? Ive done thought experiments to test this — and they’ve worked out well, I think.

Here is one:

I traveled to Philly and insisted on seeing only beautiful things, after having seen some pretty ugly ones.

I said to myself, “I’ve never been to Philly…never… I could see anything really, as I have no expectations. Only beautiful things then, hence forward.”

After that, I only saw beautiful spaces in Philly. Just gorgeous. Huge ancient oaks. Lots of green spaces. Homes that looked like they belonged to Handel and Gretel. I had a lovely time with an awesome friend. It was great!

But in everyday life, manipulating reality that way is much more difficult. It’s like Einstein said, “reality is an illusion, albeit, a very persistent one.”

Why oh why is my reality so persistent? Sigh…it’s probably for the best. Would I really want an inconsistent reality? Would you?

Actually, I think that’s what Trump brings to us…an inconsistent, broken reality!

Working with the Light!

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