Cowboys or Redskins? Yeah I don’t give a damn about that sh@t either. Doesn’t stop millions of people from acting like pure fools, running around like idiots, screaming, peeing on themselves and painting their faces…rioting in the streets when their team loses.

I pay zero attention to that sh$t. I pay more attention to politics, only because I was a political science major, and I understand that game way better.

And here’s what that game is all about, capturing as much time, money and attention as possible from people, while giving them very little in return.

And the game has you, on the board as a pawn, ready to get played, by one side or the other.

My game is Chess…so I understand yes, the Dems have their Kings, Queens, Rooks, Bishops, as do the Pubs — and that’s all that they really care about. Voters on either side are pawns. Pawns get sacrificed, early in the game. The best bet is to stay off the board.

If you have to do this thing, do sports! That way, you get to paint your face, take off your shirt, pound your chest and feel a part of a multi billion dollar fake war industry! Bonus: you don’t really have to fight, you just cheer on sidelines and get entertained! And athletes don’t get you to endorse stupid shit, that destroys your life and the lives of others. Politicians do, and the con you into believing they are helping you. They’re not. They are punking you.

It anything that requires that sort of devotion, mental or otherwise, is pawning you and punking you. And to be a pawn of the Dems or the Pubs, is a waste of time as both parties are completely breaking down because of extremism.

Democracy is about compromise and moderation, not tribal, primal, warfare. That’s what sports is for, to give people who need that a distraction. I guess sports isn’t enough anymore. The games cost too much, so distract yourself with this nonsense: Dems v. Pubs, two teams that suck; and if you can convince yourself that your team is great, you’re a delusional pawn — who will be charged to the game, eventually.

The more you rail against the Dems, the more people just like you rail against pubs. You have convinced yourself the other is the enemy, meanwhile, all of yall are being played.

50 million dollars spent, Dems lost and Pubs got another moderate woman politician- when they ran like what, 20 men in the primary?

One of the Pubs who backed Handel, tried to destroy her in the primaries. Then the Dems came in with their guy, forced those crazy extreme Pubs to back a moderate one, so they could rant about “Winning.”

What do you think you won? What?

Pubs are trying to legislate, but if you look at the policies Pubs are trying to ram through Congress right now, policies that are anti-life, no moderate woman politician of either party will back them. But that’s who they got in GA, in the house, which isn’t that important anyway.

It’s hysterical, watching this system breakdown and watching people losing their minds, running around, deluding themselves about all of it.

You think you won something, apparently. Fine. Enjoy your fantasy. This 2016 election made it clear no one was going to win, because Clinton and Trump were two candidates hated by many; and Most people wanted neither. That’s a losing proposition for the entire country.

Now, both parties are being destroyed from within. Both parties know it and have no idea what to do (with people like you and for the Pubs that includes Trump, rogue president that he is.)

Dems just put millions behind a Pub lite who called himself a Dem for convenience, to lose to another Pub lite, who correctly identifies as Pub lite — so no it’s not a loss, politically they are the same candidate. It’s a draw, and it was no matter who won, and it will be, no matter who wins because the country is in gridlock, breaking down into destruction.

Meanwhile, in Virginia our mini-Trump, Corey Stewart, is tearing the VA pub party a part. He thought he was going to get to run for governor. He’s not. But he’s got the Trumpsters all upset. And the Berners are very upset, still. They are tearing up the Dems, the way Trumpsters are tearing up the Pubs.

The Pub controlled Senate is so scared of the pitchforks and torches after them, they won’t even talk about the healthcare bill they are working on. That’s winning? Hiding behind closed doors, ignoring your constituents, running from the Press? I’m pretty sure that is losing, when you can’t even show your face in public. It’s also the ultimate in cowardice.

Extremists on both sides calling for violence, and getting it. That’s winning? Steve Scalise is not winning.

No one is winning these games…not the Dems, not the Pubs, and certainly (and most importantly) not you.

The Deck is stacked, and the real winners aren’t even on the board. They’re behind the scenes, making profiles of people like you, assigning a dollar amount to you, and milking you for everything they can get out of you. That is exactly what Jared Kushner bragged about doing, in Business Insider. He is thrilled with how he can easily manipulate millions, just like you, with a push of a button.

Because they know this sh@t is breaking down…and they gotta get, while the getting is good. And they are getting, like never before. Jared is winning, for sure. But he is not you.

And I know you’re going to ignore all of this and go back to a rant against Dems that makes you feel good and gets your mouth foaming.

But if you have ever read, a book like The Art of War, you would know that such predictability is very dangerous — to you.

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Concentrate on that which is important TO YOU.

Something like someone you love. Someone who loves you. That’s real. That is winning. And that is the only real game worth playing- all else is distraction.

Working with the Light!

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