Crazy interesting that this came up in my feed today…crazy interesting because I was explaining this super bizarro cognitive dissonance to my Facebook friends, in a post about the confederate statues coming down in Virginia, where I live. (AI is alive in these phones, I swear.)

At any rate, I lived my adult-life in Northern Virginia, where the North, meets the South, meets the entire world (DC). You would not believe all the DRAMA, that damn flag caused at Dulles International Airport, where the Southerners believed, their white privilege empowered them to rule over everyone brown in the entire world.

They learned (usually the hard way) THEY WERE WRONG. Step to a Saudi Prince on some bullshit? You gonna lose your damn job. I would be straight up with these folks (that was my gig at the airport, putting out “diversity” fires.)

I would tell these folks, (cause I learned they wouldn’t listen any other way), I don’t give a damn about your morality, what you believe, your pride, your heritage…burn a Klan cross in your backyard for all I care, but when you step up into this mfer…if you wanna collect a paycheck, you gonna leave all that bullshit at home.

Surprisingly (or not), they listened to THAT. They respected the realness. Or…people just really like their paychecks.

Working with the Light!

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