Crazy right? Even I see that as a smack in the face, though I’m no Bernie freak, but there are tons of them over here. On the left people lose it over Bernie, like the right loses it for Trump! They are PISSED, about Bernie! This has really got the Bernie Zealots in a rage. I don’t like what the DNC did to Bernie on principle, not because I had any particular fondness for him as a candidate. So to come back with, we have no obligation to let people vote, its a smack in the face to all democrats. Not just the Bernie nuts…I know a few…they cannot be reasoned with…not about anything Bernie related. There’s no telling how they will ultimately react to this. The DNC is in big trouble, as their most passionate are going into defect mode. But the same thing is happening on the right. Cause Trump and his supporters are definitely at odds with the RNC, they too are in defect mode. This may be the end of the DNC and RNC as we know it. People are complaining on both sides that they don’t recognize their party. Even if they did, I don’t know that it would matter. Neither the DNC or RNC gives a damn about what the people in their parties actually want.

Working with the Light!

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