Damn! You are digging deep! You are calling out all kinds of bullshit! (And to my experience WASPs don’t typically do that.)

That kind of realness, gets very uncomfortable very quickly in WASP culture, cause WASPS don’t do realness (or in WASP terms, authenticity). It doesn’t seem to be a part of the cultural currency, at least not externally.

Don’t mind me. I went to a prep school at a time when the WASPs were running it. They still are, but clearly their influence is waning in a multicultural America.

One of my former classmates (very WASPy) said to me, “Amber, not everyone cares for your brand of activism.” This was in response to a post here on Medium with regard to recent events, that chides all the WASPs I know for refusing to say, “Black Lives Matter.”

Most of them still refuse to say it. And. I’m well aware, of their discomfort with my “Activism” which has always only been Being real and telling the truth, that’s my “brand of activism.” Seems to be radical activity, from the WASP cultural perspective.

And…that’s exactly what you’re doing right here with this. It is very refreshing to see from a self-proclaimed WASP. Hope you don’t get stung! (Oh, I think you might.) Anyway, good luck with this!

Working with the Light!

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