David Icke, is a conspiracy theorist who sounds bonkers, because he is always talking about these reptilians (human like reptiles that are the illuminati or elite). But, if you ignore THAT, a lot of the other stuff he says sounds completely on point. And he talks about this pedaphelia, being practiced in these elite circles. He said, that more and more stories would break about it, and the elite find this frightening because they know there is know way to spin this, people will be revolted and disgusted by their pedaphelia.

He also speaks to this agenda 21, which is the UN’s plans to get the world all under one order. He pulls straight from UN documentation, and honestly, it’s pretty creepy. If you listen to conspiracy theorists, half of what they say sounds crazy, but the other half? They raise a lot of really valid points! If nothing else, I think people should listen to them and decide for themselves, what should be discarded and what has value. I think these conspiracy theorists purposely act crazy, so they won’t be seen as a threat and taken off the media. There is some truth to what they are saying — like for example when David Icke describes a reptilian- he’s basically describing a psychopath or a sociopath, and yes far too many people like that are in positions of power. Do they have different DNA maybe? Reptilian DNA? Who knows. I think everyone can look at the world, see the sociopath influence on it, and clearly see that something is not right.

Sociopaths being some sort of alien breed actually makes more sense, than them being defective humans, when you consider the earth. Because if -and its a big if- but if there WERE a nonhuman species that had another planet to go to, why would they care about the earth? It’s not their home. They could tear it up, and not fear the consequences. They don’t have to live here. Just take what they want and keep it moving. It seems insane to consider…but if you look at the total lack of concern for the earth so many of these power brokers have, through that lens, it starts to make sense. But, it could also easily be the case that regular humans are just to stupid to maintain their planet and keep it safe. I don’t know…

The pedophelia is something that I started to investigate because it’s something that hit home for me. I would have never started to really look into this, if I didn’t know someone who had been raped and molested. But when it hit home for me, I had to start looking into where does this sick shit even come from? When you start going down that rabbit hole…well let’s just say, you encounter all sorts of things that cause you to lose faith in humanity and want to vomit.

Here is what I have discovered, there are A LOT of very organized systems that exploit children sexually- especially poor children. What is so fucking sick to me is how organized these systems are…these sick f@ckers know exactly what they are doing, and they are doing it very purposefully. People who work in child welfare will tell you it’s so common, it’s hardly worth even mentioning. Every child in the system has been abused sexually, that’s just a given.

Working with the Light!

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