DAYUM!!! This is more true than you know though…I mean you don’t even live here, do you? You’re over in London.

Anyway…I have been thinking lately about how the crack cocaine epidemic of the 80s totally destroyed the American urban African American community — just eviscerated it. And…do you know how? By created an entire class of vicious, brutal, heartless and totally expendable black men.

And now white Americans are totally terrified of this group of people. They should be! They are terrifying and their numbers have increased exponentially, due to the crazy corrupt American criminal justice system. I mean we had a saying in the hood, the thugs always end up dead or in jail. Well a lot of them went to jail (Prison actually) and simply learned how to be even more vicious, cunning, brutal, cut throat, etc…

In the 1980s, the Crack-cocaine empowered the thugs in these communities, gave them lots of guns and money and it was a wrap! They completely killed entire communities.

There was all this brutal, extremely intelligent viciousness unleashed on a community — or a community unleashing that upon itself. It was so ugly…I lived through it.

And this has spread to the rest of America, like a fucking cancer. I mean “the streets” of America are vicious and brutal in ways that most people who can read or write can’t even begin to imagine.

And it’s a vicious, cancerous intelligence that impacts everything it touches…anyway…I’ve been thinking about it nostalgically. Everything I lost — an entire community!

All because American greed, and the endless quest for power.

Someone recently told me I just need to let it go…it is what it is, though it will never be what it was. Just let that past go, to make room for something new.

Anyway, this really resonated with me. You got America’s number baby… really and truly.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!

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