Definitely on an agenda…and he’s probably been put up to it. No one can just hate and trash a country as powerful as America, with a megaphone no less! Without being given a green light to do so from someone very rich and powerful…and probably American.

You know Donald Trump has been quite a thorn in the side of many powerful players…and I’m not saying he’s some great hero…I don’t believe that. I’m just saying Trump kowtows to no one, not Bill Gates, not Jeff Bezo, not Big Science or Big Med. He disrupts entire industries with his shenanigans.

Umair maybe a hired journalistic style hit man gunning for Trump. Honestly, that doesn’t bother me. Trump has earned this, fair and square, pissing off everyday people and mega billionaires alike.

But Umair constantly trashing all Americans, yeah all of us! It’s so unfair.

Working with the Light!

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