Definitely quite interesting! You and Ryder Spearmann have given me a great deal to think on for my next line crossing piece.

Like the whole “identity politics” phenomenon. Which I have to admit I don’t quite understand. But take Estwald…he seems to base his whole political life around resisting feminism, which to me is like resisting air, just all kinds of air.

Because to me feminism is based on femaleness-and that’s everywhere, like air. Don Juan said, (and I thought it super strange at that time I read it) the universe is overwhelmingly female, and maleness is an anomaly.

It didn’t make any sense to me at the time, especially since he wasn’t even talking about a single species. He was talking about everything, planets, stars, trees. What did he even mean?

Now, I think I get it. The universe constantly expands and creates life. At least I think that’s what he meant. Anyway, Don Juan’s a shaman, or the main antagonist from the Carlos Castenados series. It’s a weird digression. But it leads to a question I have for Ryder.

Isn’t creating an entire political life around pushing against one subset of the dreaded “identity politics” it’s own sort of identity politics? Because as much as Estwald raises this point- and he’s not alone mind you- it just seems like a really inefficient focus; and in this instance the attack on the wholesale “identity politics” seems much more efficient, even though, clearly just as unlikely to lead anywhere.

Because identity is too deeply ingrained into the human experience — and as female identity, is deeply apart of the human experience-asking people to ignore it is beyond ridiculous! To people who so deeply opposed to feminism, I ask this question:

what do you want from women? Like seriously? What do you want? Because to me, by attacking feminism, you are attacking the need to recognize female identity. And that’s ridiculous. It’s like telling someone not to breath.

And have you ever considered for one second, how what you want matched up with what they want? And, if the desires don’t match, how do you propose to live with that? By brute force overpowering? Well…that’s been done. You see how well that’s worked out.

I’ve come across others on Medium like Estwald. John Hopkins being one of my faves. These are not unreasonable, nor unintelligent people, but they spend an awful lot of energy pushing against feminism (which I’ll say it again, just reads to me as female, or women insisting on the right to exist), so to me it’s pointless to push against such a vast force. It’s like pushing against nature. It’s a fight that will never be won because nature will find a way. It always does.

So it’s much easier to be racist, or against the Muslims or immigration. Because all of those are artificial constructs anyway, built on a lot of artificial things that can be destroyed with enough effort.

But that which is female? You can’t really destroy that, without destroying yourself. If all the women on the planet were to die right now today, where would that leave the fate men?

I honestly think feminism is a reaction to a culture that kills women, which is not too say that we don’t have a culture that kills men. Clearly we do. It doesn’t help that I’m rewatching HBOs The Wire! Im like, this dude was trying to warn us! All the signs of Trump’s America were there, right there, on The Wire.

Anyone rewatching The Wire, as I am will see a male American population under attack and drowning and choking on corruption at every level of society- at every single level. And only the most ruthless, and vicious and psychopathic survived, and not unscathed, either.

Jimmy McNulty, is a character who I just absolutely adore! Love Him!

And yet, he’s a crazy Irish drunk, And a reckless, crazy cop to boot. He’s clearly an anti-hero, a bit of a train wreck, quite Trump like, (and now I think I even get why people love Trump.)

So…why do I love this character? Why am I able to overlook an ocean of flaws, (because OMG he is such a train wreck) and defend him, viciously against all his detractors, like a brainwashed Trumpster?

Because in the vicious, sick and corrupt world, that The Wire is set in, this guy is the only one who seems to give a damn. He’s the only one who even attempts to make things right.

Trumpsters love Trump, for the same reasons I love McNulty, but in that sort of blind love, we overlook all the damage both characters do. (And McNulty did a lot…he turned an entire police department on it’s head and made law and order and chain of command a joke. I still don’t blame him for what he did…but, reluctantly I admit, that wasn’t right. He probably shouldn’t have done it…though I understand why he did.)

So back to the anti-feminist. I get it that certain parts of feminism are out of control. But, they’re much like Trump and McNulty. They are trying to turn an entire system on it’s head. They have named it patriarchy and in doing so are definitely attempting to disrupt certain natural laws and also make a joke of the chain of command, which certainly has a whole lot of flaws -clearly. But they are doing this because the entire system is corrupt! It is leaving few options, and so as a result we get these extreme actors.

The Wire characters Ziggy and his cousin Niko, are poster boys for the kick off of white supremacy. They were trying to make it in a world that was no longer (Working the loading docks of the Baltimore harbor) and realizing that was a nonstarter, they reluctantly resorted to the drug trade.

When they tried to move into the utterly vicious-largely black run inner city drug trade, they couldn’t compete. They weren’t cut out for that level of viciousness and cut-throatedness. So what’s the answer (for them?) “Hate all the niggers.” But of course. It makes perfect sense if you see it from their perspective, and their life experiences.

And you know what’s sad, is that Niko, clearly the more intelligent of the two, and also the less racist, he looked for every other possible avenue. He definitely didn’t want to get into that drug trade, but he was so out of options. So desperately wanting not to be a victim of economic circumstances.

I think extreme feminists are in the same sorry state, they have been pushed into such a marginalized corner they go to extreme “identity politics” come out swinging-and swinging hard.

And…a lot of these people are entrenched in their positions. You will never convince someone who has been raped (and that’s a lot of people actually) that the feminist who were there for them, empowered them, and gave them a voice after such a dehumanizing experience, that this person is evil, or wrong. They will not be convinced, and the more you push, the more they will entrench.

That is why the only way through all this “identity” madness is to let people have their say. The white supremacists…the extreme feminists, let them do their thing. Let it play out. Let’s however, try to make it so that plays out without violence. With reason, compassion and understanding.

I mean Jesus, anti-feminists, seriously answer the question, what would your fate be if all the women on the planet died today?

Working with the Light!

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