Definitely some out of the box thinking here! As is oft the case with you, I’m not sure if you’re being serious or a smartass. But in fact many corporations can actually trace their establishment back to those good old slavery days — and they know, cause they kept excellent accounting records — of what their slaves were worth to them and how much money they were scheduled to make off of them. They used the same accounting principles, that are used for any sort of property- maintenance, depreciation an older a slave gets the less it’s worth, ya know?

Almost all the banks profited greatly from the slave trade, banks still alive and kicking and making billions scamming the hell out of people. Wells Fargo, Citibank, PNC. Not to mention the entire cotton, sugar and tobacco industries, owe everything they built, to African slaves.

RJ Reynolds can kick this whole thing off with about a billion, for starters. Let all the dark-skinned South Carolinians draw from that. (Why only dark-skinned? More on that below)

A skilled slave, around 1830, was worth around a grand. I know that from Sue Monk Kidd’s Invention of Wings. It’s a fictional story, loosely based on the real life experiences of the first American feminist, who started out as an abolitionist. For her tenth birthday, she was given a slave, a ten year old girl who she taught to read. That happened in real life good old South Carolina, (so South, it ruins the beach…I mean how in the hell do you ruin the beach? SC does it for me. Because Hylton Head had no light skinned black people. What happened to all of them? Do they kill them? Do they chase them out? I saw NO ONE who looked like me in Hylton Head. Who does that?!??? Who eliminates all the light-skinned black people?And why do all the dark skinned black people have to be servants? Racist much? Yeah, those peeps need to have RJ set up a fund, and make it right.)

Anyway, for the crime of reading, both girls were severely beaten. The white girl, for teaching, the black girl for learning. Pretty sick.

Anyway I digress. My point is, these corporations know exactly how much money they made off the backs of their slaves, and furthermore, they probably even know how to track down their descendants. They kept pretty extensive records. I know my great grandma, traces back to a Kentucky tobacco plantation, because she was the Masters daughter, and she had some privilege and a whole lot of mouth, and I guess genes are strong because people say the same sorts of things about me.

Anyway…I think it’s a damn good idea for these corporations to pay back what they stole; and hey, while we’re at it, let’s throw in the indentured servants too. Except for the criminals, cause they deserved it…maybe. Okay, the murders get no reparations. But all the other indentureds, okay. Irish and Scottish been getting a raw deal for the past 2000 years, from the British. As well as the poor British. But we can’t talk about that, can we? Because that sort of f@cks up that whole white supremacist narrative.

But the truth is, while white supremacists want to go on and on about white supremacy, what they hate to acknowledge is all whites aint created equal.

And white people have been seriously f@cking up other white people for millennia. Magna Carta — some time around 1000, was the brilliant idea, that white people are people, and not property to be owned by other richer more powerful white people. Game of Thrones style.

And so, I say Corporations to the people! All the people who been dealt a raw deal. Sounds damn good to me.

Working with the Light!

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