Democrats hardly seem interested in winning. There are multitudes of articles like your circulating here on Medium, on all the wrong things Democrats are doing…it almost seems intentional. It seems like Democrats May be enabling a far right takeover. Why? Who knows.

We are already at war, but with what? With whom? We don’t really understand. People are fighting to retain old structures, which cannot be maintained. That is a losing battle, no matter what. To much has changed, to fast. People are fighting to preserve that which is already gone. It’s a little too late.

Race is only a small part of it, but it’s what the white psyche (of a particular kind) can grasp on to in desperation and clinging.

Artificial Intelligence, for example, is far more of a threat to American white ways of life, than black lives will ever be. And yet this is never acknowledged or discussed and black lives mattering is a great distraction from the ways in which all life (except the artificial) matters less.

People are being played by the right an the left, so many distractions, so little effective action. Energy needs to be placed into something other than the political. The politics are going nowhere.

Working with the Light!

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