Depends on what you mean by “systematic oppression.” Is not there a pay gap? Hell yes. At one point it was blatant (you are a woman so you get 50 cent of what the men make because you don’t have to support a family) now less so, but the pay structures are still in place.

And I hate when people want to debate me on this. I use to run and review EEO -4 reports.

What are those? They are reports sent to the EEOC and IRS that show exactly how much money everyone makes at any given job, based on race and gender. You review enough of those reports, you see how bad shit stinks -consistently, across the board, across the entire nation.

And these payroll reports have been run for decades, and they never change. Never, which leads me to believe hell yes all this “equal pay” stuff is just a bunch of bull… “identity politics” aimed at revving people up on an issue that IS NOT EVER going to change.

These systems got everything invested in keeping costs low, so they definitely ain’t gonna pay women more, but they will probably just pay men less -and say: there’s your equality.

So women have been paid less than men, for doing the exact same job- YES. And is that systemic oppression, I think so. Money is power, if, and this is a big if, you know how to use it as a tool properly.

Have women been shut out of money systems: property ownership, banking, investing — hell yes! Again systematic oppression.

And it didn’t happen out of an intent to oppress, this comes from a deep seated idea that most men hold about women, which is that they should just not be involved in such things. Just as a dog shouldn’t be involved in such things, or an elephant, or an ant.

Most men do not believe, either consciously or unconsciously, that women should participate in a world that they feel belongs entirely to them, and not only that, only the strongest and most ruthless, among them.

This is why, there is the phrase: “feminism is the drastic idea that women are people.”

Many men, in fact I would say MOST men, don’t see women as people but rather objects and/ or status symbols to be manipulated BY THEM.

And, in order to even be reminded of the fact that women are people, one has to say, “what if this were your mother, sister, daughter.” And for quite a few men: EVEN THAT DOESN’T DO IT.

I’ve heard from quite a few women who have told stories of fathers who told them they were less than, simply because they were female. No one needs to hear that shit during their formative years. Would you tell a boy he was worthless because he was a boy? I’m sure it happens, but certainly not as common.

The society is sick in a number of ways, and just in the way the society relates to women, it is sick — especially with the sex and the objectification. I once saw an add with a 10 year old girl, dressed like she was an adult, on a kids channel, Like Nickolodeon or something.

That is sick!

Because no 10 year old child should be presenting themselves as a sexual object, but that sells. So it is done ad naseam. It is sick.

I could go on and on and on about all the sick things that are done in this society, mainly to make a buck or two, but the backlash on women is and has always been pretty damn severe. So yeah, plenty of systemic oppression of men and women. But men at least think they have a chance. Parents of daughters speak out on these issues with deep concern, as well they should. It’s quite disturbing to have to raise a person, that the entire world has been designed as a piece of meet.

And yes, western culture is technically and legally light years ahead of other cultures, this doesn’t mean, Western culture has no damn problems around the issue. They are different sorts of problems. First world problems. But first world problems are still problems.

Yes…in the West it is possible for women to enjoy far more freedom than women in other places in the world, but the comparison is sort of like that of house negroes v. field negroes. All slaves, all under a ruthless sort of oppression, one group just slightly more comfortable than the other, and getting bashed by both sides because of it -which is why you have all the backlash against white feminists and feminism. Compared to all other women in the world, they seem to have it good.

I would argue, yeah…as good as a house negro…which is definitely better than being field negro.

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