Ditto…same song except Cleveland, Ohio. I think every African-American from our generation who experienced this should give a shout out to our cities and communities, which were killed, just like people. I don’t know, in this midlife, I am mourning the loss, more than ever. I feel like there should be some kind of recognition, a memorial of sorts.

Crack hit hard, and it took us down and it tore us a part…if white people can figure out how to avoid that in their communities, more power to them. I hope they do. Is their response to the differential responses to the crisis in their community racist? Not exactly. Any community has a duty to stop that madness from destroying it, their white privilege, gives them additional clout to use in their attempts to curb that destruction, blacks and browns did not have that luxury.

The drug economy found black and brown communities to be easy targets — institutionalized racism made it extraordinarily easy for the drug economy to explode in those communities. But it devoured those communities. Now what? It is naive to pretend that the drug/gun economy isn’t a billion dollar economy, that’s gotta eat. It’s going to eat wherever there is food and right now, white cheddar is looking really tasty.

Good luck backing that beast off…sincerely, I wish white people all the best with that.

Working with the Light!

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