Do I? Duncan, thanks for joining the conversation. I suppose we could glass half-full/glass half empty this conversation, because sure extraordinary and amazing Europeans like Einstein and Curie and even Gates, have changed the world and drastically, through thoughts, ideas and inventions. For the better? I think the jury is still out on that one.

But even the extraordinary ones, like Tesla (big into the whole free energy thing, and that definitely would have changed the world for the better) get harassed and exploited by the greedy sociopathic ones like Rockefeller, who only care about making a buck at any price and sharing very little of that wealth, and even fewer resources.

Now that personality type exists in any race, its true, but for whatever reason, in this time and place, Europeans are the ones who created capitalism- as you pointed out- and it is a system that is amazingly efficient at stealing- whatever, from whoever — based on whoever has the most capital. And it’s not limited to land and physical resources. It is anything. Intellectual resources, creative resources, emotional resources, biological recourses. Cells. Yeah, that’s right cells. I’ll explain momentarily.

The love of money is the root of all evil. That is the bible verse that people love to quote, and often quote incorrectly. Notice, it’s not money that is the problem- but, the love of money, in other words greed. Capitalism, unchecked, as it has been in America for quite some time, encourages insidious, destructive greed, that destroys, well just about everything, especially the earth. Not a European contribution I would be bragging about, if I were you. But, hey…have at it.

Ever heard of Henriette Lacks- or as the Rockafeller funded American Medical Industry calls her HeLA?

Henrietta Lacks was a black woman whose cells — taken without her knowledge in 1951 — became one of the most important tools in medicine, vital for developing the polio vaccine, cloning, gene mapping, in vitro fertilization, and more. HeLa cells have been bought and sold for billions. Where is the credit and sharing in that? Not one cent was shared. She she remains almost entirely unknown for her extraordinary contributions to science and well the world. Her descendants can’t afford health insurance and live in poverty. If we listened to Darwin (who has been largely discredited, by the way) we would never believe that a Black woman would be capable of possessing such extraordinary cells right? He was a big advocate of pseudoscientific study of techniques and hypotheses to support or justify the belief in racial inferiority, and racial superiority, with whites, of course always being the superior race. What a crock.

If you desperately need to believe such a thing, I suggest you look inside yourself and figure out what is really bothering you, instead of jumping on these race pendulums.

Really, I should have made this a private conversation, because, this is deeply personal stuff here, and if you don’t get it, you don’t get it.

You are not going to get it, because you are caught up in something else, discussions of owning or avoiding shame, for instance. Discussions of upholding the mythology of white male dominance and superiority. These are entirely different conversations, that I am largely uninterested in entertaining, but I will touch on these briefly.

There is no shame in anyone’s racial identity. But there are characteristics and behaviors that, might work really well in one environment, that are not going to go very so well in another, and that might lead to shame. That was my point, when I said I felt really white. I went into an environment doing this one thing, that would have been entirely appropriate in a mainstream college environment, it was not appropriate for the environment that I was actually in, however.

It is my keen observation, that white men have been led to believe that anything they do, in any environment- and especially in an environment where people of color are residing- is going to be a great, wonderful, amazing, and extraordinary contribution to the environment. It is not true. But white men have told each other and the world this for centuries, and so now to be challenged on this assumption, is quite painful to most white men. I get it. You desperately need to believe in this, mythology. It is such a core part of your identity - the idea that white maleness makes you superior in every conceivable way. So, the fact that I (and I might add ever so subtly) challenge this mythology, about my participation in the Pow-Wow- of course you see me as torturing you. We African- Americans have a phrase for this sort of thing, and it is how mighty white of you.

But then you are white! Living up to the expectations.

I’m not torturing you. I’m just being honest about my life experiences, that for the most part have nothing to do with you personally. Nothing to do with you. I’m talking to Allison, about similar compelling experiences we are having, coming to terms with our ancestors. (A, B, C — Conversation…black people I know you feel me on this one.)

I don’t tamper with people’s belief systems, much; and especially not the white, male superiority one because that has been so thoroughly and deeply constructed, that it is now being tested to the point of absurdity. President Donald Trump — case and point.

If you need to believe that you are superior, simply by virtue of being white and male - have at it. It is not going to stop, however, countless others from challenging this mythology…the world is sick of it, people of color are sick of it, and even the powers that be and the capitalist machine itself (where the mythology was created), is sick of it. And that’s really what has white male anxiety at an all time high. The capitalist (now globalist) machine is abandoning YOU, yeah white male YOU. Now that machine, that system is challenging the mythology. Being white and male doesn’t automatically make you special anymore. I am sorry. It’s happening, at an alarming rate. Mark Zuckerberger is kicking it in Nigeria — looking for cheap intellectual capital there. File your complaints with him, not me.

I also want to make this clarification- because I do so hate it when people paint with such a broad-brush. All Europeans are not responsible for relentless and vicious cultural appropriation, it is largely European males of a certain personality type — and this type exists in all races. But European males are responsible for the system, the machine (capitalism) that has permitted theft of culture to become so lucrative; and European males know how to work that machine more effectively than any other group; and that’s the reason Mark Zuckerberger is looking for intellectual capital in Nigeria, and also stealing land from the natives in Hawaii. I’ll give him this, he knows how to work that system.

Working with the Light!

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