Do you? Anything to say about the divisions among the Republican Party? (Freedom Caucus, Ayn Rand fanatics, the Tea Party, the evangelicals, the Libertarians, the hysterical, foaming at the mouth Trumpsers, the normal conservatives, the never Trumps, the Nationalists and/0r white supremacists.) That is one fractured party.

Contention and hostility is the name of the game, and since they’ve gerrymandered the Dems out of it, they throwing daggers at each other. So again, what have “conservatives” won? Oh, I know, the disdain and contempt of about half of the country. That’s useful. (No it’s really not. Pubs got nothing but headache after headache on the horizon. And that’s my point.)

I’m not pointing this out to get the typical, knee jerk, “shut up libtard, snowflake, cuck” Reaction. I’m saying this wondering if you are capable of truly thinking about any of these issues, beyond the lame and tired insults, cliches and memes.

I am serious and curious, what do you think conservatives have won? What is the way forward for this divided party, that is turning on itself (and that was inevitable.)

Some Pubs are so hysterical they are calling for a new Civil war (cause the first one went over so well.) So really, what is next?


Working with the Light!

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