Do you know what this sounds like? It sounds like someone, extraordinarily discomforted by truth, twisting themselves into all sorts of illogical, analytical knots, trying to make it not so.

I don’t know that Son of Baldwin is claiming to be moral, in fact, I think just the opposite. I think he is attempting to turn morality on its head.

I think he is saying that which has been called “moral” rests on a false premise. Discarding it, and doing something entirely different is in fact more moral than what has been touted as moral.

It is a really interesting argument, given all the astonishing revelations of blatant corruption we have seen from people who claim to be moral and right. To empower the devil? To enable the most corrupt among us? Is that right? It’s Probably not all that moral, if you truly consider it. Is it really a feat of heroism to save Hitler’s life? I think that’s the sort of question he is posing. It is definitely an interesting ethical question, if nothing else.

People are so fucking tired of the same tropes. It simply is not taking anymore. The brainwashing, the programming, not taking.

This dude has more than 300 likes for, “Let them all Die!” What does that tell you? It tells you something. It’s a canary like a mfer, not his lone opinion.

More than anything, it tells you, something is off. And…its not likely to get back on, or go back to what it was…ever.

Working with the Light!

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