Do you really think anyone will EVER want to speak out again, after all of this? Really? Victims all over the country are struggling to cope with that shitshow and the fallout. Dr. Ford was never going to be treated fairly by either one of those political parties. But honestly, the Dems tried. Now, in that case, it was for the political advantage for them to do so. But it is a sad state of affairs, brought on by Trump, that the partisan divide is so contentious, and each party feels like the stakes are so high, that they have to play these games and in the process, completely destroy people and institutions, and a whole host of other things that are important to the well-being of this country.

That court is suppossed to be there to enforce the laws that people, American people, want to see on the books, not multinational corporations and Trump. But that’s where we are going, to a Kangaroo Court that supports corporations…and of course the ever mercurial whims of President Trump, who I believe fits the definition of the anti-christ. And I’m not even religious, or into any of that armegeddon prophecy stuff. It’s really easy to fit him into that definition. The man is anti— everything Jesus Christ stood for. Christ stood for love, compassion, patience, understanding, truth- everything Trump consistently rails against. Hence- anti-christ. Now who’s worthy or demonization, really?Are you going to demonize Jesus Christ instead of Trump? I wouldn’t put it past you Pubs. Not lately, anyway.

Working with the Light!

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