Does it? Because I thought it rested on emails from Donald Trump Jr.

It’s a really stupid story, just idiotic through and through. But the source, though. It is pretty clear where the information came from.

And I don’t think anyone is praying for a Hillary presidency, but they are praying, desperately not to have their country completely destroyed by the whims of lunatics and idiots that will tweet anything…just anything. Nuclear codes, national secrets, insults that sound crafted by a three year old (her face was bleeding?), spy locations, collusions with foreign entities, passwords to email accounts…um anything. Yeah, it is pretty disturbing no matter how you spin it; and the spin is actually more disturbing than the original action. Donald Trump just didn’t know? He didn’t understand? He was trying to help his dad? Months about Hillary and her emails…lock her up…but Donald Trump Jr. Just didn’t know. Cough, cough, look the other way, act like this isn’t really happening, ignorance of the law is an excuse — suddenly.

Really? Really!!!!

Working with the Light!

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