Doesn’t matter. I tell people this all the time. Did Jesus walk on water? Who knows. Enough people believe he did and we have a major world religion (supposedly) based around his teachings.

If enough people believe the four minute mile is true, and clearly enough people do, then that perception becomes the truth. People believe limits can be exceeded, in part, because of stories like these. People who listen and believe in these sorts of stories exceed limits. Those who don’t will not. And that’s my point about reproduction.

I have always believed that I have had control over my body and I have never had anyone else exercise any control over it that I did not want or agree to — and believe you me, that concept becomes quite hairy when dealing with western medicine, and with them it was a fight! Because that institution totally believes in having total control over someone’s body when it suits their purposes.

The minute some says, “we can do this” (and believe me I observe this phenomena personally) 20 naysayers want to jump up and say. “No we can’t.” Well they won’t.

Henry Ford said, something along the lines of whether we think can or we cannot, we are right. Which is to say the ability to exceed limits is largely up to THE MIND of the person.

Why aren’t more limits exceeded then? If it’s simply a matter of mind? Or mind over matter? That’s a really deep and rich topic that I’m in the process of exploring and expanding right now. So, if you’re interested, check out my most recent article on quantum physics entitled: Tesla, Einstein, Jesus and the Wave Particle Duality. I’m also writing a related one called The Matrix and the Code Breakers. Honestly, you probably won’t care for these articles, as I peg you as a skeptic. But if nothing else, it will give you the opportunity to say, “no! No! And no!” To just about everything I say. Cause it’s pretty far out there. You have been warned!

But, since you are into running (seemingly) did you hear about the New Zealand white guys who trained in Kenya so that they could be as fast as the Kenyans? (Who are apparently- perpetual record holders in running.) No one believed it was possible (just the genetics alone) for them to do it, to hold their own with the Kenyans, but they have done it!

So, here is a lovely poem from one of my favorite authors of all time:

Listen to the mustn’t s, child.

Listen to the don’ts.

Listen to The maybes, the impossibles and won’ts.

Listen to the shouldn’t haves .

Then listen very closely child, listen close to me…



Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!