Don’t think she is doing that…these American streets ARE very different than they WERE even a month ago. It’s absolutely wild over here; and it’s clear on so many levels that something profound is happening. Trump ain’t it…neither is Biden. But Trump is acting so erratically, Biden could get the nomination by default. Especially when you consider these Presidents are puppets…Trump does not make a very good puppet, too self-involved, refuses to take orders from anyone. He has pissed of 2/3s of American population, and probably all the powers that pull the puppet strings. While Biden is deeply uncompelling, I don’t know if the passion of hate, contempt and disdain is going to carry Trump to victory; and even if it does…Trump is pissing off powerful people, who have their own plans for America and they don’t seem to include Trump, which is why I think the mainstream media turn against Trump is all about. It’s difficult these days to find any positive news about Trump anywhere. It’s a nonstop Trump bashfest, even when he’s not fucking up (and that’s odd.) The coverage used to be more balanced in that CNN hated Trump, but Fox adored him, he was their darling…not so much anymore.

The new mainstream narrative is, everyone except psychopath racists hates Trump. Now that’s not true, but that is the new narrative. It is a narrative that is impacting Trump in real time. It’s impacting the money he’s raising and it’s impacting him personally. The whole COVID 19 thing is really fucking his shit up, limiting the ways he likes to operate…and then…this tell all book about the Trump family? That kind of thing seriously fucks with peoples heads. Now there are rumors spreading about Trump trying to rape his sisters? And then all the pictures of him with Gisane Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. There is a lot of shit coming at Trump right now!

And these American streets are different. Nobody wants none of this same shit, not from Dems nor Pubs. And we are hip to their shit. I think we’d be fine with, in fact we’d prefer no fucking president. With the help of AI, we can completely govern ourselves, by voting on everything in real time. Fuck all this bullshit.

Working with the Light!

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