Don’t you talk about Muslims destroying and raping and pillaging a small European town? Has this actually happened anywhere in Europe? Name the town. Name the victims. Name the specific incident. Explain what Muslims had to do with it. And what kind of Muslims were they? Extremists? how did they get into the country? Who is permitting extremists into the country? Aren’t only refugees supposed to be in the country? These are the complicated questions any and ever citizen should ask when confronted with an immigration issue. But no. Fear mongerors hate and spread fear first and ask questions later. Taking time to think and reason is not politically correct it is using your damn brain. I don’t trust any damn body. I use my own mind to collect accurate facts about a situation and then reach a conclusion. You and your ilk will not bully me in my ilk into accepting everything that you say as fact because you keep yammering on about some alleged boogeyman who is out to get me. Islam is not out to get me. No you are out to get me. You are determined to force me to accept half truths and propaganda as fact. It is not happening.

Working with the Light!