Eminem set it off! He spoke truth to power!

AND, this is why Eminem is so deeply embraced by the Hip-Hop community:

He kept it real.

He felt that!

He said what was on his heart!

He demonstrated that he really has heart!

That took courage…

Now he got white America thinking- what the f*ck is up with us…and it’s funny how when a white person holds up a mirror to white America- mostly all we we get back is crickets — not much real to say about all the issues with racism that Eminem put on blast!

Steve McGrath, I’m really curious to know what you think of this. I really am. You should have never told me you were a Southern white man, cause now I gotta heckle you!

I just gotta, sorry.

Also noticed you didn’t have much (really nothing) to say about my article Charlottesville.

Why was that? A little to real for ya?

Anyway, back to Eminem. Gotta love Eminem! Eminem can be (when he so chooses) the urban African-American voice — with a white face on it.

That’s powerful because he makes it really hard for white America to ignore in its usual racist ways.

And for the white Southerners - oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph! I suppose this sort of thing pushes every white Southern button, yall got, because this sort of confrontational blackness is something yall utterly despise!

I mean blacks gotta know their place, right? If they don’t the South will crumble upon itself, won’t it? Them big black running cowboys — better kneel or stand or whatever! When white man NFL owner says jump, they better say how high, massa? And if they don’t the entire Southern Institution will come a crumbling down…well maybe it should.

Bessie Smith said: In the South, they (whites) don’t care how close you (blacks) get- just don’t get too big…and in the North they (whites) don’t care how big you (blacks) get, just don’t get too close.

I have found that to be true.

Well Eminem, white man that he is, HE CAN DO BOTH!

So he is all up in collective white America’s face telling you exactly who yall are- and he is BIG, so he’s kinda hard for yall to ignore him, despite Caitlin Johnstone, pleas that you do just that.

Eminem’s not black…but when it comes to the real Hip-Hop community, he is one of us. And we love him. We embrace him.

Working with the Light!