Especially when these “facts” are anything you have been trained to believe in.

Those are not facts, but this is. The Trump Hotel is leasing very valuable reality from the US government AKA the American people.

It is a conflict of interests for any US President to be conducting business with the Federal government.

In fact it is a conflict of interest for any US President to own and control corporate entities, while serving as President.

These are not “left-wing conspiracy theories” these are facts that a fifth-grader can understand.

You can’t just deny the existence of facts you don’t like. Well you can, but at great risk. You would be trading a functioning brain for that of an addict, as drug addicts can rationalize anything, no matter how nonsensical or illogical.

There has been a huge push from right media, to ignore truth and reason or logic, and make people into addicts by training them to ignore logic and reason, by constantly keeping them in a state of fear and anxiety that is actually addictive. This actually destroys and erodes higher brain functioning abilities, and turns them into addicts, always looking for that next fix. Elevate your level of fear, then you need a fix. They give you a target to unleash your hate and rage against. You do it, feel better, until the cycle starts all over again — rinse, repeat.

This keeps minds in a cage, weapons to be unleashed at the push of a button against the “enemy” while totally compliant and unquestioning regarding anything the “team” is doing.

This is straight out of George Orwell’s 1984.

Everyone should take care to protect the most valuable thing in their possession, their own minds and their ability to use them correctly. That means, being skeptical and discerning of everything- and never giving over complete power over to a party that you think will save you. The moment you do that, you are done.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!