Evan if everything you say is true about the publication (and I doubt that it is), the journalists should not be receiving death threats. There is no excuse for that. None.

When Trump supporters- oh so slyly- try to justify mindless violence- I call them on it. And another on this thread implied that democrats destroyed his property and don’t want law or order; and yet it’s the Trump rallies where violence is incited and there is a propensity for violence and Trump supporters have actually become violent. (Stomping a Hispanic man nearly to death, but that hardly matters right? That’s how you make America great again, right? By killing off all the brown people here.)

And now Trump supporters are threatening journalists, free speech, voter suppression and intimidation and all manner of civil unrest if they don’t get what they want — Trump as dictator.

And this is the sort of logic that Trump and co espouses, which is why it’s not a leap for any journalist who has a functioning brain, to decide that they could not endorse a neo Hitler/Hussein style dictator. And we won’t even touch on the sexual stuff.

There are plenty of reasons for publications not to endorse Trump for president, but there are zero reasons to threaten the journalists at these publications. If you threaten someone for their political views, you are a psychological deviant. Something is wrong with you. You are not a normal person. You have not mastered the basics of self control that most learn at age 5.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!