Even though all of this is probably true, it doesn’t mean WaPo is lying about Trump and Russia. As for WaPo and Trump, I would say “game recognize game.” They are both corrupt as all hell, and both going at the other, with everything in their arsenals. Yeah Trump took on the establishment, but only for his own personal enrichment, not because he gave a good godd@mn about anyone else in the country.

So watching these two deeply corrupt forces duke it out, is mildly entertaining. Our real life Game of Thrones, but just remember when Little Finger rescued Sansa from Joffrey, he pawned her off to a much worse monster. We the people are Sansa, Trump is Joffrey (for sure!) WaPo is Little Finger.

These are wild times, and we haven’t even gotten to the White Walkers, whom most everyone in the realm denies the existence of (like climate change.)

Working with the Light!

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