Everyone’s identity gives them insight into the world from a certain perspective, and I will bring my race into every single political conversation because it has everything to do with the insights I do or don’t have, like this one: being white and male you are accustomed to silencing women and minorities, so deeply accustomed, that it’s subconscious. You don’t even think about it. Your privilege is so deeply ingrained into the deep recesses of your mind, it doesn’t even occur to you that someone might find this sort of command deeply offensive.

I largely don’t. But I have your number, believe me. So let me speak slowly to your conscious mind, you have no right to dictate to anyone which parts of their life experience they may or may not discuss.

Why? And….I get that this is going to be hard for you to accept: you don’t have that kind of power over me.

I know it is what you’ve been told and what you probably believe. But the truth is, it is not that simple. Being white and male alone does not put you into such a high position of authority that you get to silence someone from talking about something as innocuous as their identity.

But let me, let you in a little secret, when it comes to race relations in America, most people of color will be able to run circles around you, with regard to understanding how the race baiting game has been played and how it works and why.

That’s because for most people of color understanding this game is critical to their survival, whereas for whites, that is not the case.

I say all that to say this: when it comes to understanding the real political games played in this country- and the race game, that’s a big part of it, I’m light years ahead of you. I am doing calculus, you are learning your numbers.

So in a way it is pointless for me to even attempt to have a conversation with any white person in America about race relations, your knowledge base and skill set is about any of it is so far behind mine, you will just get frustrated and end the conversation. That is the pattern, the M.O. — and I get it. Same thing with sexism.

I only mention it because Caitlin Johnstone accused me of being in a partisan bubble or some such nonsense. And also because being black there are a lot of political issues, that actually do impact me deeply, so much like you i have watched how all the politicians react to them, and they all do horrible, terrible l, really bad things to people of color all the time. That’s why I am not partisan. I almost always vote for Dems though because even though they LIE and act like they aren’t racist, those lies are far more comfortable to live with than the blatant murder death kill racism of a Bannon or a Sesssions. But how dare you, tell me I can’t speak about, the racial baiting this nation has engaged in for years, that has destroyed the black family, the black communities? That sort of arrogance is astounding! And if you would listen to me, you might even learn something! Because everything white America is going through now, we have already been there! We know the games that are being played! We know how a drug crisis will completely destroy an entire community! We know what it is like to survive that!

But will you listen? Naw. You wanna talk about how to appropriately hate Hillary.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!