Everything that I have highlighted from your post, I agree with but this ☝️️is really freaking me out. So I’m searching for answers because I believe — as you said so many others have explained- I have to at least try to understand why we are on the verge of total collapse and in so many areas.

While all the areas of collapse are deeply disturbing — what keeps me up at night is this time extraordinary deviance from normal, healthy, sexual relationships. Because I was complaining about this so profoundly, someone recommended The Time Fallen Bodies Take To Light as a viable explanation of the current situation.

It was one of the most bizarre books I’ve ever read. And yet it did propose these theories about how human sexuality evolved in such a way that there would be these flaws and our sexuality, much like our current situation, is unsustainable.

So, an example from Time Falling, humans, unlike animals, can have sex at any time and all the time. There is nothing within our biology that triggers a period of sexual activity for reproduction, and then shuts it down. We don’t go into estrus, as animals do.

Therefore, the fact that we can have sex anytime causes both women and men to spend all this extra time and energy attempting to manipulate and overuse a biological function that is really only meant to serve one concrete purpose.

I’m really not explaining this as well as the author does — but the simplest way to explain it is too much of a good thing. When it comes to sex, humans are always going for more than they are naturally entitled to. This throws off the balance.

And I know what you might be thinking- we are not animals. But aren’t we though? Have we really evolved that much further than the primates, just because we have far more sophisticated tools and habitats?

And if you accept the notion that we evolved from primates, and you may not, a lot of people don’t, but if you do, the author of this book really makes the case that our departures from primate sexual behavior, are problematic and he explains why. The book is bizarre, but then again, to my mind, so is pedaphelia and sexual human trafficking. These are huge problems that threaten us all. I am desperate for theories and possible answers as to how humanity has fallen so deep into this particular hole.

But, in the end, you’re probably right. We are not going to figure this out, because we don’t have access to all the information; and even if we did, it wouldn’t be appropriately distributed.

Well, I too thank you for your very thoughtful response. I am not sure why most people seem to think feminism is such a dirty word, but again, I think this is simply a function of misinformation. What most people consider feminist rhetoric is probably radical feminist rhetoric. And why not? People are so drawn to that which is extreme. Nevertheless there are several different types of feminists. I consider myself a basic, everyday feminist — which is to say I believe that women need to be able to participate legally in our society in a similar manner as men. Women should be able to get educated, and work and vote and not be confined to only domestic pursuits.

I don’t dive much into the academic feminist theory much. I find most of it to be boring, basically. But some of it challenges the very fabric of society; and I suppose that’s why many find it so threatening. A lot of it points out though that women should not be objectified and used as sexual props to further capitalist pursuits. I totally agree. But sex sells, and anyone who dares to interfere with capitalism and its endeavors is always painted out to be public enemy number one, so maybe that’s why feminism has been so demonized.

Anyway, I am encouraged by the reasonable conversation! We actually don’t disagree about very much! What do you know, you strike up a conversation with the dreaded feminist and actually find some common ground!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!