Exactly…and I don’t understand why there is such a huge white fear of acknowledging racism in America which is a commonplace as pollution. America, a country built on institutionalizes slavery/racism is inherently racist. It’s not rocket science, neither is it new. The mass denial of many white individuals about it’s existence is utterly perplexing, until you break it down to this very simple analogy: do men want to do more work around the house? Absolutely not. Do most white Americans want any responsibility for cleaning up the horrendous mess that systematic racism has caused in America’s house? Absolutely not. What is the best way to avoid having to do the work? Deny that the problem exists. Same thing with climate change, immigration and other difficult problems. By ignoring and denying these problems, people trick themselves into believing they are avoiding work. It’s not quite that simple though, as ignoring a problem just leads to it getting worse.

I think that people want to simply ignore these problems because they seem insurmountable and unsolvable, in which case, ignoring them seems like a logical temporary solution. But very temporary. The long term solution is in changing the way that we think.

Working with the Light!

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