Exactly. And it’s a very fine line between doing this, and a whole host of other very dangerous things. In many ways this is much, much worse than being a white nationalist. Because if you are a white nationalist, then you at least have a philosophical belief system in place that drives you, forces you to stand for something. Sure what drives you is fear and hate, but underneath it all, there is a belief system that is about wanting well-being for a group of people. People who simply profit seek to profit off of fear and hate, are the worst. Steve Bannon said of himself,

Darkness is good. Dick Cheney, Darth Vader, Satan. That’s power. It only helps us when they get it wrong. When they’re blind to who we are and what we’re doing.”

Okay. So he compares himself to Satan, and implies most people don’t understand what the hell he is- which is darkness and power. While he is being labeled a white nationalists, he’s not that.

He’s something far more insidious, with much darker, disturbing plans.

Well…I’m no idiot. I know exactly who he is, what he is about, what this type represents- no one but themselves, their own greed, their insatiable lust for destruction of any and all things.

So, with this looming on the horizon, to excitedly praise Trump for doing the one very doable thing- that he promised to do, while (many, many others he has immediately backed away from) is to desperately grasp at the tiniest of crumbs.

What next? “Oh Trump spit on me! Now I have something to drink! And there’s no spit like Trump spit!”

It is beyond surreal that, via information bubbles, and filters, masses completely disregard this information; and look at other shiny new toys being placed in front of them while the loaded revolver cocks and nestles in right at the back of their collective heads.

I read. And read all about Trump saying no to the TPP. I was not impressed. It was the least that he could do. All his pie in the sky promises? That was one he could actually keep- very easily. And it’s your expectation, that progressive media (which it’s hardly that) praise him repeatedly for that? This has been reported and noted. Beyond that, no one should be praising Trump for anything as if yet.

Did conservative media praise Obama for anything, ever??????

And I am not saying this play into the ridiculous partisan game, I am saying this to point out that the divide and conquer game is played by the media nonstop on and against both sides- always to keep people distracted from what is really important. This isn’t going to change because Trump is the president. Why would it? If people are waking up to how unreliable the media is, then that is a good thing.

No one, not even his most staunchest supporters, should be praising Trump on anything, regardless of what any media reports. Nothing has changed. Trump promised sweeping and drastic changes. he might bring them, but he’s not even in office yet, so any praise is quite premature.

Forget the media- it is the people who have to hold the Trump administration accountable.

Personally, nothing I have seen reported by any media anywhere, gives me cause to praise Trump, yet. If you are wanting to praise Trump, already, then I would say that you are desperate for validation that you didn’t make one of the worst choices ever. A lot of people on the other side are claiming that Trump supporters have (made the worst choice ever). If you are a Trump supporter, did you really think that it would be easy to overcome the stigma of that? That well over 50% of the country, would wake up a few weeks after the election and say, “Oh! Wow, we were all so wrong about Trump! Look! He rejected the TPP!”

I read it all, liberal, conservative, and most importantly the BUSINESS pages.

Business is where you actually get the most reliable news, FOLLOW THE MONEY, if you want to know what’s really going on in the world. You better believe they get the facts straight when it impacts that dollar.

Trump made a lot of promises and even if you can be objective enough to have a wait and see attitude, (which I do), you are not obliged to praise and herald anything that Trump does that’s not a fricking disaster. (Especially when he promised to do that, and it was the easiest thing in the world for him to accomplish. He just had to do nothing.)

There is nothing to stop him from coming back and signing off on a more extreme version of the TPP. One that gives him and Bannon unprecedented levels of wealth - all at the expense of the American people. I would not put it past either one of them.

Give Steve Bannon whatever label you like, the results will be the same, greed, death, destruction, darkness, evil. He has told everyone, unabashedly exactly who he is. No one needs to guess.The fact that he is Trump’s pick White House Strategists, well, I’d say we got the TPP, and worse.

So hold your applause, please.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!