Exactly! Everyone does have the same basic worries, and if they don’t they should. Like we all need the basics: food, shelter, safety. That’s all some want. But others want excess, which in turn leads to a quest for power…and then things get really tricky. People start getting pitted against one another because power requires control over others and then people’s motives begin to get really impure.

But we are living through times we’re the basics are being threatened for vast amounts of people and the power is incredibly concentrated. So if you have that power, what becomes critical is pitting people against one another, so that they don’t start to challenge or threaten your power.

But on top of all of that, the systems that the powerful use to derive their power- are becoming unstable; and like all of them, the religious systems, the financial systems, the energy and environmental systems, the political systems. This is also pitting the powerful against one another. Several layers of conflict are playing out right now.

While the relatively powerless should have empathy for each other, by and large they are uninterested, because what they really want is to either obtain or retain power — and that doesn’t happen by being empathetic.

If you let the quest for power go, you can truly have empathy for those who fear, just as you do, but have a different context. Right now, I see the quest for power as a real barrier for most people however.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!