Exactly, I despise it too. And you don’t want to go down the rabbit hole where I try to convince you HRC is a good and decent person (and I wouldn’t, because I don’t believe that really.) So please understand that I don’t want to go down your rabbit hole where you try to convince me that Trump is any of that either. If we did, we’d both be lying.

I honestly don’t know how I am going to vote. Already, I’ve expressed resentment over the fact that I feel like I’m voting with a gun to my head. I’d much rather sit this one out and not vote AT ALL. But there are consequences to that. I question myself constantly, because of Arkansas v. Taylor, and a whole host of other things, like- her elitism, her disdain for the plight of the shrinking middle class, her dismissiveness of people of color. She doesn’t care about the average American citizen, but then again I think Trump cares less. He will pit us against each other, profit off of that, see the blood on the streets and buy property. Of course he will. He’s a successful business man, and that’s what they do. These are the choices. A career politician and a business man. On top of that, we live in this age of information where the revelations are so terrifying and disturbing we are afraid to receive them. Honestly? I do not want to know anything else that there is to know about either of them.

You want more though. You want me to say, “My God! That was a horrible thing HRC did to Kathy Shelton!” It’s true. And I could try to justify it, and say, “but, she’s a lawyer and defending the indefensible that’s what lawyers do!”

But no. That’s not entirely true, that is what ruthless and ambitious lawyers do, when they think they will get ahead by doing it. Since then, she’s probably done much worse; and probably so has he. These are the choices. Moral relativism indeed. I always try to do the right thing. I really do, but what if you just don’t have that option? I hope to make the least worst choice and pray and pray and pray…out of sheer desperation.

Working with the Light!

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