Exactly. I’ve not been following the issues as, it’s been years since I had to make this choice, but even in the 1990s, the information was conflicting and it was this sort of bite your nails and hope for the best when subjecting your child to this. So many people deeply believe vaccines are connected to autism, so you can totally understand parent’s reluctance. Now more than ever we are presented with literally tons of evidence the these pharmaceutical corporations ARE NOT concerned with people’s best interests, but profits…so understandably, parents are frightened. No one wants to harm their child by saying yes to a toxic substance that irreparably damages them for life, just so Astra-Zeneca can boast billions in profits to its shareholders, especially if there are other alternatives.

If we had more transparency and good will from these industries pushing these vaccines, then parents would probably be more comfortable with them.

But we don’t have that…And we won’t get that…and so the fear grows, and no it’s not likely to subside any time soon. The heavy handed pushing the vaccines down infant throats, is causing more fear and terror, not less.

This is a mess that’s not likely to resolve in the near future. People are losing trust in all these institutions…for good reason. We know our best interests isn’t what is being considered…at all.

Working with the Light!

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