Exactly…my point is that is all he has done and all that he will do. Half of America can rage all it wants to, they can riot in the streets, they can blame every ethnic group they want for the demise of great America (cause that is happening daily, and it’s been going on for quite some time, Trump just gave this current a megaphone and a power jolt) but none of this is going to turn the economic tide. And I’m not saying the economic situation is hopeless, but I am saying there is just no putting that globalization cat back into the bag. It is not going to happen. Where are Trump’s factories? Mexico and Bangladesh. You think he’s bringing them home to USA?

So half the country believed a blatant liar who will make things much worse — for them. And already Trump is taking back -ALREADY — all those ridiculous promises he made. He is not even in office yet, and already he’s saying, some of Obamacare will stay in place. Do you know why that is? Cause it’s not Obamacare…it’s Big Pharmacare — and Big Pharma sure as hell is going to have its trillionaire voice heard above all of Middle America and the rust belt. The deplorables will not get the last laugh. Trump and Big Pharma will get the last laugh.

So I’m not saying that the Trump supporters don’t have a right to be angry. All Americans have a right to be angry — just not at each other. Did the DNC screw up this election? Sure. But the RNC did as well — and really all of the American people. We have no one but ourselves to blame that we have allowed the system to provide us with candidates that are so divisive and flawed and offer no real solutions to the problems facing us.

Our system respects money — and that’s it. As time has gone on, the more money the system requires and the more corrupt our politicians have become. They don’t serve us. They serve a global financial agenda and their task is to sell it to us in a way that we will accept. We have been pushing against this for the past 16 years, and yet with no success because we have been pushing against each other. That is part of the game. This keeps us distracted.

Trump isn’t a solution, he is a temper tantrum. He is a riot. What happens after a riot? Everything is just more damaged and broken than it was before, and it often stays that way, as there are few resources to fix these things.

Things are already pretty broken, so Trump is a luxury that America cannot afford and the next four years will prove this as everything gets much worse here. Ironically, I bet the borders will become more porous than ever, because you know why they are so open in the first place? Black markets. Drugs, guns, human trafficking-so much money in that stuff…and the money makers, of all colors and ethnicities, stick together. Trump’s gonna make some good deals for himself. And its probably going to be easier for elites on all sides to get the black market stuff they crave. Trump is an elites wet dream. Are you kidding me? Trump is antiestablishment? Anti-elite? Wow. Who falls for such nonsense? Half of America. Why? cause they’ve got some blind spots.

If we never recognize what the real problems are, we will never get to any solutions. Do you really think a Trump presidency is going to solve any problems? For all his talk of hope, I knew that an Obama presidency would solve very few problems and that’s because I know how Washington works. It does not work for the people, primarily because the people do nothing but push against each other endlessly. Do you think Trump is going to change that?

I don’t, but probably no one can. The system is too broken, and the only candidates who have any interest in trying to work within it, only want to exploit it.

Trump supporters have everything that they wanted now. They’ve got Trump. They’ve got the Congress. They’re going to try to get the Supreme Court. Do you think that they’re going to get what they want? I mean this is going to be really interesting. No democrats to blame now. Nothing to stop Trump from fulfilling all those promises, walls will be built and infrastructures will be saved and factories will be brought home, and Obamacare will end (which just leaves millions of Americans without any health insurance — but whatever.)

Probably none of this will happen. Voters, realizing that Trump can’t wave a magic wand and fix everything will get frustrated. There will be more backlash against the system, maybe more wild cards thrown into it to disrupt it and break it down.

Chris Christie is being considered by the Trump administration for heading up Homeland Security. Do you know that this guy shut down a major bridge between NewYork and New Jersey for kicks? Now this guy might be tasked with keeping the nation safe…this is the kind of guy who destroys ant hills. Do you feel safe, even over in Canada? Do you have any concerns about your border, with this guy in charge?

You ask democrats — which is not me, not really, but I certainly don’t identify as republican either- what did they expect.

Well I can tell you what I hoped. I hoped people not to cut off their noses or shut down their own bridges. I hoped they would not burn down what was left of their faltering towns and economies. I hoped they would think about the issues logically. But then again, I knew they wouldn’t. I know my fellow Americans. I know how racist they are and sexist too. How intolerant they become when faced with the slightest difficulties and economic losses. Oh I know this America, quite well. I know what this country is really about.

I also know that despite the fact that we are all going to hell in a hand basket crafted by deplorables (which are the politicians, and none of us everyday people), we will never place the blame where it truly lies and will continue to attack each other.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!