Exactly. This is a huge problem. But anyone who has truly observed the behavior of men understands that it is always a few clever predatory ones who manipulate large numbers of insecure, less aware ones into adopting self-defeating behaviors that do not serve their interests in the least.

The ones in attack mode have been so manipulated. So if you are on this feed in extreme defense mode, I’d ask you to question just what are you defending? The defensive responses I’ve read, just lash out and personally attack the author. On what basis?

There doesn’t even seem to be a basis. It’s not as if they are arguing that the author has said anything wrong, they just don’t seem to appreciate that he is bringing these particular truths to light. It is unmanly, in their view. It is a betrayal of the long held understanding that men will collude and conspire to oppress, degrade and manipulate women.

Of course, not all men buy into this unevolved group think, but quite a few do. Trading secrets about how to “control” women is a big part of male bonding culture — I know this because I happen to have a brother who shares 😜. He and I often discuss the unwritten male rules and how they negatively affect women and why many men are extremely resistant to changing these rules in anyway.

As for women who are unaware, my advice is become aware. Try to understand the collective male thought process, and why it often does not serve women well.

As for men, aware enough to understand how the hierarchical male thought process, taken to extremes, is quite destructive- keep doing just this. Speak out and speak up. This is so necessary right now. The human race needs you.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!