Except this, the circumstances are explicable. They know exactly what they are, why they exists and neither will do a damn thing to change circumstances — because quite honestly, as you put it in your headline, they don’t care — and will never.

“George Bush does not care about black people.” And that was supposed to be offensive? That was truth. There has never been an American president who truly cared enough about the plight of people of color to ever rectify the damage that was done…and never will be. And I imagine there are droves of white people now who are going to want to come out of the wood work with, what about Lincoln? What about JFK? What about Lyndon B.? What about Clinton who played the sax?

To which I will respond, with every move they made, they were game-of-throning, simply using massive numbers of black pawns to wield a certain type of power against their enemies. And honestly? I ain’t mad at them. It is a game. It is a game where the odds are totally rigged against people of color. So what do we do? We gotta get better at playing this game.

So don’t vote. I get that this is a tactic, don’t know how effective it’s going to be, but at this point it’s all so crazy, I don’t know that it matters anyway.

I vote to piss certain powers that be off, because my vote, though puny, does yield some power — and it’s a power an entire House of Representatives would rather I not have. They have begged, borrowed, lied, cheated just so I couldn’t excercise this power effectively. So I’m doing it. That’s my strategy.

But please, for your own sanity, stop expecting any of these people to care. They destroy entire voting districts so people of color can’t vote and they destroy entire communities of people of color with “wars on drugs” and They destroy entire countries full of people of color with weapons and on whims (well, no, it’s always about some money) but you get the point. No one cares. No one has ever cared. We’re the property. We’re the pawns.

It has never been about anyone of these players giving a damn about people of color, but massive manipulation of them, profiting off of bodies, blood and bones until there’s nothing left.

Finally, we’re getting hip and sick of their sh@t. So you know what? Do what you gotta. Don’t vote or vote for Trump, even. The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire…

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!